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Pinned toot the inktober guy plagiarized Alphonso Dunn, an inking youtuber I learned a ton from when starting out.

Jake Parkers book for Inktober lifts entire page formats from black creator Alphonso Dunn

Jake Parker, of Inktober, has clearly plagiarized and is attempting to profit from the hard work of Black artist Alphonso Dunn, and Dunn goes into it in this video on his YouTube channel. Please watch and support him and the art books he’s put YEARS into creating! #Inktober

the thing i involuntarily inherited from ffxiv: the confused head tilt they do when puzzled

i'm in scrip farming hell for materia but it's kinda fine bc i don't wanna do any combat content rn

Where do I even begin? It's been a long time since I've last updated here. I really like mastodon. It's aesthetically pleasing and I love how I feel like there is nobody watching me here lol.
Feels good to be honest. I'll try harder to be regular in this secret corner of the internet 8D

Last call for commissions before I close them

ALSO STREAM TOMORROW 4PM GMT USUAL TIME. Gonna draw everyone's favorite catboy.

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