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I'm opening commissions on Jan 15th!
If you want to get one, fill out this Google form and I'll contact you on date mentioned.

I have 4/5 slots left, will update more as they get taken.
Boosts are appreciated! :boost_ok:


tos & more info:

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more like shit megami tensei *an army of angry nerds burns my house down*

y'all really respect count cidolfus orlandeau after he said this

I've published my FAQ for new players on a Lodestone blog entry. If you've recently started playing the game, consider giving it a read.

another commission! haven't rendered anything for quite a while, but i think i got the gist of it

Sharing knowledge with people feels good, I'm kind of on a teaching spree lately

Capitalists: "it's obviously impossible to provide a decent standard of living to everyone on the planet, there's not enough resources for that"

Also capitalists: "let's destroy unsold goods by the hundred thousands each week, there's not enough room in our warehouses for all that stuff"

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