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i'm starting a group for trans and nonbinary and otherwise gendery farmers, land people, food people, etc. it's focused on southwest Wisconsin, and right now is a Facebook private group but will expand eventually. DM me if interested.

Can't be arsed to be active somewhere else on social media that isn't Mastodon or Twitter tbh

pro tip: have two mics, and stick one up your ass. set this one to "voice activity".

I had *some* files there I'm going to have to reupload to Mega
This sucks

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request for aid, emergency. 

I now need $9000. If you can spare anything, please do so! If not, thanks for boosting & your support.

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request for aid, emergency. 

Is there any chance y'all could afford to send me money for dental surgery? I need $10,050 left. Anything you can spare would go a long way. Please.

My paypal is

my venmo is @raging-strikes

cash app is $nsupervoid

Please. I would like to stop having blood infection and pain. :/

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