New introduction post, now with captions...!

Hello, my name is Gabriel, and I paint deranged monsters or pretty science- fantasy worldbuilding things with unusual designs. Sometimes both at once. I also take photos of birds occasionally, with my fz80.

Software I use is krita, blender and RawTherapee.

@SquareZer0 thank you!! I have so many photos i haven't had time to sort thru and edit. bird photography is especially annoying bc you have to take approximately 049850948509458 photos of the same bird on average to get one that isn't blurry when you don't own a tripod and sorting through all those photos is a pain 😭 same with photos of the moon. that is my second most photographed subject, lol


@machinesbleedtoo It was once a quest of mine to get a good photo of the moon, but I kind of gave up until I get some better equipment. I got some halfway decent shots of the bloodmoon in 2014 and was like "lol good enough!"

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