Made a vocaloid drawing for every season last year. It turned out to be a good opportunity to practice a more retro anime style

random color limited palette drawing... some kind of hex caster i guess... idk im never sure how i should be stylizing faces these days orz

Inktober retrospective part 3... This year I decided to illustrate a bunch of songs I like. It was a wonderful design challenge but the amount of work required to post one of these every day for a month caused such extreme burn-out I decided I was done with inktober forever lol

Inktober 2019 - song illustration -

Inktober retrospective part 2... I didn't use the best quality paper this year and my motivation suffered for it. I chose to do a dream monster bestiary which was maybe too personal, but in the end I'm glad I have it as a record

Inktober 2018 - A Dream Monster Bestiary

Inktober retrospective, part 1
I decided on my own prompts for this run, and I feel like I really found my style by the end of it

Inktober 2017 - self curated prompts

Mared, a halfling ranger I plan on playing soon. Their most prized possession is a jar containing their sourdough starter

Every year I start out May thinking I might skip the mermaid drawing... But I can't resist a design challenge. Went with a spooky spacey theme... The open ocean and deep space are equally unnerving imo. Tho the earth and land are really the weird ones all things considered...

Illustrated some characters from a recurring dream. They don't always look like cutesy animu girls but I couldn't resist drawing them. (Character design is the most fun when my subconscious does all the work lol)
Anyway, in the dream they are always feminine synthetic beings of some kind. They start out at odds with each other, but eventually come together to just cause absolute chaos

Caught a cœlacanthe pretty early game this time. I feel like catching bugs and fish is easier in new horizons than previous versions. That said I still get owned by bees on the reg lol

Well I finally finished this Miku illustration... I feel kinda bittersweet about it tbh... Like now that it's done there's nothing left to do but throw it into the void...
But that's how it be sometimes

Anyway this is based on one of my favorite vocaloid songs, Love Love Nightmare. It's the 11th track on Kiichi's album Baphomet (バフォメット)
Love me some creepy Miku

Final new leaf illustration before new horizons release.
I never stopped playing new leaf these past 5 years, and I'm gonna miss my beautiful town. It helped me through a lot of tough times, and I'm sure new horizons will go the same.
Everything sucks but I'm hype for animal crossing!

Happy Miku day!
Passing time waiting for the release of new animal crossing game by drawing everyone's favorite waifu 💙💙💙

Illustration based on a netprincess quote. She was a bot who lived on an irc channel where I used to hang out

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