Mared, a halfling ranger I plan on playing soon. Their most prized possession is a jar containing their sourdough starter

Every year I start out May thinking I might skip the mermaid drawing... But I can't resist a design challenge. Went with a spooky spacey theme... The open ocean and deep space are equally unnerving imo. Tho the earth and land are really the weird ones all things considered...

Another revisited oc ref. Changed her clothing a bit to better match her personally.
Nikita is some kind of undead druid. She likes to collect sticks and twigs. She keeps them in her ribcage so that her centipede familiar can have a nest.

Illustrated some characters from a recurring dream. They don't always look like cutesy animu girls but I couldn't resist drawing them. (Character design is the most fun when my subconscious does all the work lol)
Anyway, in the dream they are always feminine synthetic beings of some kind. They start out at odds with each other, but eventually come together to just cause absolute chaos

Suddenly remembered sometime last week that I was also once a cringy 11 year old with a cat girl oc. Decided to indulge my preteen self by giving her a redesign.
Bonus pic of the most recent drawing before this... From 2007 (my second year of highschool)

New to Mastodon so I'm not entirely sure how this all works... I wanted to share some more art so here's a I designed some time ago that I still really like
Drawn in


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