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Hi I'm splig

I work both traditionally and digitally; I also love printmaking! I like to design characters as well as make vaguely unsettling illustrations.
I use and for digital Illustration, and for pixel art. For traditional drawing I prefer ball point pen or dip pen/brush and ink.

Made a vocaloid drawing for every season last year. It turned out to be a good opportunity to practice a more retro anime style

random color limited palette drawing... some kind of hex caster i guess... idk im never sure how i should be stylizing faces these days orz

Inktober retrospective part 3... This year I decided to illustrate a bunch of songs I like. It was a wonderful design challenge but the amount of work required to post one of these every day for a month caused such extreme burn-out I decided I was done with inktober forever lol

Inktober 2019 - song illustration -

Inktober retrospective part 2... I didn't use the best quality paper this year and my motivation suffered for it. I chose to do a dream monster bestiary which was maybe too personal, but in the end I'm glad I have it as a record

Inktober 2018 - A Dream Monster Bestiary

Inktober retrospective, part 1
I decided on my own prompts for this run, and I feel like I really found my style by the end of it

Inktober 2017 - self curated prompts

Still life from today's stream. Added some surreal touches to help the composition...

For today's pixel dailies prompt: Balance. Made a shitty python script to count pixels so I could make an image that is exactly half black and half white

100 Heads Challenge 1-8
trying to learn what i can from photo studies... i want to make more interesting faces from imagination

Mared, a halfling ranger I plan on playing soon. Their most prized possession is a jar containing their sourdough starter

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