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Doing line art makes me want to cry

It was 95 degrees out today, so in honor of the summer heat, here's an old swimsuit piece I was fond of~

Forgot to post a new pinup WIP I'm working on of Sae from P5 👀💖

Today's warm up of a cutie that belongs to a wonderful artist by the name HeadofNights!

Would you accept cat pictures as a date request?
Rhetorical question.
The answer is yes.

Tomorrow I can finally get back to art stuffs. I can honestly say that after a week away I'm ready to jump back in. 💪😤

Someone throw me a tablet

Must be something wrong with me when I'm on vacation but I wish I was working. 😩

Oh yeah, I forgot I have other sketches I can share from last week still :3c

Although maybe I'll post some iPad doodles since I'll have that while I'm bumming around 🤔

Going on a mini vacation for a week, but I'll have more art to post as soon as I'm done relaxing. ✌️😎

One of the Patreon sketches from the other night that I thought turned out cute!

I'll do my best to remember to actually post a link when I'm gonna start.

Okay, I'll ACTUALLY be back to streaming tomorrow night!
I'll be doing the monthly Patreon Sketch Stream around 8pm Eastern~

Not art related, but when someone gifts you pizza you are obligated to show it off

Oops I got busy and forgot about streaming, I'll be doing so this week for sure though!

more recent-ish work that I still like