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Trench (twenty one pilots) came out today, and it's a pretty fantastic album.

The band is pretty polarizing - people tend to hate them or love them, but if you already like them - you'll probably really like Trench.

Calm your heart.
Know that you are loved.
Feel the warmth.

Be yourself.
Embrace yourself.
Let yourself be embraced.

You are worth everything.

Vent music 

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Less than two months, over 900 toots.

This website has legitimately boosted my mood on a regular basis, thank you .art community and thank you @Curator for heading it.

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Hello! I'm Caspar, a nonbinary (they/them) gamedev and artist. Ghosts, object heads and neon colours are my jam.

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Goooooooooooood morning everyone!

Gonna be a pretty great day, I tell you what.

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This should hopefully be the last time I ask this for a long time! But if you can spare a few bucks I just need to make it through training so I'm getting actual income again. I'd like to at least be able to afford my medication


And my commission info is pinned to my profile, I'm not closing those until the end of the month.

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, day 2: .
(Image description: Pastel drawing on black paper, dominated by blues: a face in close up, hands lightly touching the face, eyes closed. The person seems to emanate a dark glow.)

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DISCLAIMER: Actually 6 minutes and 18 seconds because I'm an agent of chaos and totally just want to watch the world burn.

I really need a new aux cable, mine is clicking like nuts but I really wanted to playyyyy so here's another 5 Minutes.

Luckily it didn't make it into the recording but it sounded like it did in audacity so the file is named 5MinutesCLICK.

This is like a summary of what I was practising with today, hopefully I can do some awesome jazz stuff in the future but I can't get my left and right hands to talk very well with it right now.

@eecks Oh my gosh your style is so incredible how was I not following you before!

Sorry for the favorite spam just aogdhdajgh it's so dang good

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Drew in friend’s book.. went for the dead center bc he was indifferent as to where hehh

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Trying to step out of my comfort zone once again... (and I definitely need an appointment with an ophthalmologist as it hurts to not have access to a zoom ;)

I dont know if I'll be able to do that the whole month...or even the whole week :D

#mastoart #inktober #poisonous

odsghaoihdgkldas inktober is here and I'm so excited and am already seeing so much awesome art woooooo!

Thank you all for being amazing!

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