#GetToKnowEachOther - thanks @ScribbleAddict! 

@Sori Hey, how are you doing? And what are you playing these days?

@aqeel Hi! Always tired put pretty happy :) At the moment I'm doing another modded Skyrim because it's my comfort food - after I get tired of it I'm planning on playing through the new Hollow Knight DLC that just came out.

@Sori Ah, I am playing Skyrim on Nintendo Switch these days, I had forgotten how fun it is.

As for Hollow Knight, I got stuck at a boss, and after failing what feels like hundreds of times, I have pretty much given up on it.

@aqeel Depending on which boss it is/how far you got- if you use the charm that makes it so your invulnerable lasts much longer combined with the quick hit charm for the deeps and temp health for the cheese and just attack and not care when you get hit.

It's hard for me to play vanilla skyrim- I don't know if I'll get it on the switch.

@Sori It's Watcher Knights. I have done everything else that can be done upto that point, just can't kill them... May give them another try one day, not sure.

As for vanilla Skyrim, I have never played it with mods so don't know what I am missing. Ignorance is sometimes bliss :)

Those guys are hard! They gave me a ton of trouble- you can actually break a chandelier before the fight to kill one of them right off, there's a secret room above the door of the fight to the left.

Yeah I have played some Skyrim runs where I've been fine with vanilla. I dunno, might try again :)

@Sori Already broke that chandelier. I don't even reach the fifth Knight, the maximum I have reached is 3rd (or maybe 4th, not completely sure), and I have never managed to kill more than one.

@aqeel =/ sorry to hear that. Yeah game is hard - if I hadn't beaten Symphony of the Night / Dawn of Sorrow like 500 times I probably wouldn't have been able to finish it. There's a few bosses that took me a ton of tries.

@Sori Is Symphony of the Night hard like Hollow Knight? I have never played it, but it's on my to-play list.

@aqeel It's a metroidvania like Hollow Knight but it's quite a bit easier. Hollow Knight drew inspiration directly from Symphony of the Night and other castlevania games.

Of the metroidvanias I've played, my favorites in order are:
Ori and the Blind Forest
Hollow Knight
Dawn of Sorrow
Symphony of the Night
Aria of Sorrow

Hollow Knight is definitely the hardest, Ori is hard at parts too but saving is super generous.

If you can count Cave Story it's probably after Dawn of Sorrow.

@Sori Ah, thanks. Never heard of Ori and the Blind Forest, but it looks really cool.

@aqeel It's my favorite video game, period =)

@Sori Haha, I am mainly in PlayStation (and now Nintendo) ecosystem, don't know much about what's going on in XBox or PC world. And since I use Linux, I doubt I'll be able to play it anytime soon.

I am going to add it to my games wishlist though, in case I ever get access to XBox or Windows.

@aqeel Ori runs flawlessly in wine and steam's Proton solution.

@Sori Oooh, that's a good news. Thanks, will check it out soon!
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