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#GetToKnowEachOther - thanks @ScribbleAddict! 

Main: , goal being but that'll probably be years.

Hobbies (No particular order): , , , , , , , , , , , , , , (+Online), , ,

I am fascinated by most people, and am terrible at starting conversations.

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Today is the official launch of my Patreon! Check it out and tell me what you think. I'm excited to share more art with anyone who is interested in supporting.

I also don't want anyone to feel obligated. I'll continue my presence online elsewhere. :)

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Had a really cool 2018, and did a lot of drawing and painting. I also had tons I couldn't show here (NDA) so I had to get creative with what I did share. I think I've grown a lot :D Here's to 2019!

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Aaaand here's Axl! I left the subtext the same as Zero but I'm contemplating changing it....

Happy Wednesday. May it be full of awesome.

(This is best listened to as background music)

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One of my friends requested I noodle for them for a couple minutes.

This is the result of that:

Something I played while thinking about my family this December:

This still falls under "noodling"

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I was commissioned earlier this month to make some art of the character from the game Lumiette (to be used as promotional art on the website). This game is a "bullet heaven" (shmup) and was made by a student from my school. It's super cool and fun, check it out here:

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Opening a few emergency commission slots because money is tight because in the past 30 days I've had a cold that turned into bronchitis which also gave me sinusitis and due to that had to take days off work and now cannot pay my upcoming bills.

Here are my prices :)
If you need it by a deadline PLEASE let me know

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Hey everyone! I'm Beth, an aspiring comic artist who's hobbies include drawing OCs and being terrible at video games!

This kid here is my main and favorite OC, Daniel (AKA: 3D)

Okay. Hi. I think we're good now.

I certainly won't be able to catch up on all the posts I've missed but I'm happy to be back. :)

It's been a hard month. It'll continue to be hard for a while and I'm not sure when I'll be able to come back but I'm thinking of you all and will make a grand return.

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Day 22: The fourth and final illustration for First Flight. Dike still needs to learn how to land safely πŸ˜…

@LadyIcepaw How have I not found you before? Your stuff is so cute and wonderful :)

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Music - "Eden" 



In honor of getting a better aux cable for my noodling to have much better quality, this is the first song I ever wrote on piano.

It's very basic but I've always liked it.

Happy Monday!

I know there's a lot going on the world, but you make the world you live in, and you can make yours a happy place today.

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