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Facebook's leaks revealed it views 11 and 12 year olds as an untapped market. Even knowing it was harming them. Analogies to Big Tobacco are not out of line here.

Maybe the most revolting part to me is how they use family ties to push their destructive product, encouraging promoting play-date scheduling as a way to encourage getting kids locked into Facebook.

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WHO is that party guest reaching THROUGH MY SIM'S BODY to grab a cake slice early. So rude. Yet... I admire the cake-desire. 100% will invite round again.

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Can we all take a moment to appreciate this photo from Martha Wells (author of the Murderbot Diaries)'s website

Artwork I created for the upcoming drabblecast podcast. Based on the story "How To Get Back to the Forest" by Sofia Samatar

CW: Blood

Numiniatures of the day: First time using oil paints to finish this Crucible Guard infantry man for Warmachine (Privateer Press)

#mastoart #miniatures #painting #steampunk

So it turns out the pirate-themed bar (which has yet to show any signs of pirate-ness) serves exclusively a sort of alcoholic milk drink in a special novelty jug.

The individual is quite a world of federations, a whole universe in himself.
-- Peter Kropotkin

#anarchism #quote #bot

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