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Christoffer B. Tallerås

So I will be moving to my new account @ChrisTalleras as I think this username is more appropriate. So follow me there if you want to continue to follow me. 😀

I have Joined! :O
So what is this place?
i accidentally skipped the tutorial :p

More people are speaking out on Robert Brown's discord server that I called out earlier today, pretty interesting development. I'll keep you guys up to date with things if you want. Here is an example that was shared with me.

@Sofastrangler i first read your toot as ‘this server’ & was a bit surprised bc all talent levels are welcome here & elitist, non-appreciative or supportive folks and trolls are banned immediately.

@Sofastrangler thanks for sharing! I think it's important for people to know about, like you say. That is a negative, arrogant community based off of selfishness. Elitism is for sure. Everyone starts at the bottom. That's one of the reasons I like our community here. We are all on this journey together and we support each other. And your art doesn't have to fit a certain style either. But yeah, we will all get there :)

But on another note, here is a portrait of me that did on Thuesday. 😆 😀 😜

I am sorry for bringing all this negativity to Mastodon today but I feel like this is something that people needs to know.

And also I encourage people to find out for them selves and make their own opinion. So here is the link to the server which I don't personally have access to anymore.

Please don't hang them out in the server either, if you don't like them then leave the server instead and spread the message. 😎 👍

To further elaborate on my shadow banning.

With a new rule on the server they wanted to regulate more what kind of posts the server had so that the server looks good something I am very critical of as they only want people who make them look good to post.

In this server I had posted these two images (below) and written "this is totally concept art" in a way mocking these new rules. I got no warning or no information about doing anything wrong. And then I got shadow banned.

To explain further, the modship of this server has a mentality of elitism and wanting to have more professionals on their server. They justify their decisions based on professionalism but themselves act in unprofessional ways.

Before I was shadow banned from the server there was talk about kicking people they didn't like the art of, particularly beginners as they taint the server.

I think this can be good to know for people before joining this server.

I want to bring some awareness about an artist by the name of Robert Brown. He has a Youtube following as well as a discord server.

In his server he lays out his own rules which is fine, but what is most curious is that the modship of that server acts with a certain kind of authoritarianism where people they don't like gets banned like me.

As it is such a big discord server I feel that I have responsibility give attention about this to the creative community.

Krita 4.0 arrives tomorrow!

A while back I wrote this quick little beginners look at how I use watercolour and basic techniques:

It also has the step-by-step image showing the layers that went into painting the clothing folds on my "L'Opossum" painting. :)

Watercolour is great, very forgiving, the paints last forever, and so much fun! Give it a try! :D

New YouTube trend idea; dye your hair with acrylics

@Krita is officially on Mastodon! Welcome - FOSS all the way!

There is nothing to worry about with this vampire, he is totally friendly, I assure you... heheh

Lately I'm kind of obsessed with Mastodon. I'm just so pleased with the UI and the community here. Find it extremely enjoyable.