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Hi! I'm Jenny, a UK-based digital artist who loves bright colors and creating joyful art, and I'm looking for work in games and fantasy illustration.

If I'd be a good fit for your project, please get in touch:

microfiction meta 

Since it's getting towards the end of the month - and since everyone seemed to enjoy it last time - I'm going to open up microfiction requests again.

So reply to this toot with a keepsake you own or could imagine owning, or an token that represents a time you've left behind, and I'll tag you into the bug-or-kaiju-related microfic that results!

daily microfiction, not being subtle (pol) 

Perhaps it doesn't see the lives it's tearing down in its impossible yearning for a lost golden age; more likely it simply doesn't care. But we've fought beasts like this before, driven them back to the deep from whence they came.

It shrieks like a dying modem as we stand together, as we believe and accept that the world is more complex than its broad-brush imagination would allow.

The fight is long, but we will prevail.


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So, I saw the ‘Draw 100 heads in x days’ challenge going around & liked the idea, so looked it up. I was disappointed by the lack of diversity, and the inclusion of sculptures/sculpted mugs/3D renders in the collection.

So I started my own Portrait Reference pin board with a wide diversity of race, age, gender, expression etc. I’m going to do the challenge using my own collection!

I share the collection with you as a resource :)

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Me, turning one of Poppy's toys upside-down: "Aww, silly kitty, she thinks it's a new toy! Look at how excited she is!"

Me, when FromSoft inverts the Carian Study Hall: "OMG IT'S A BRAND NEW LEVEL!"

"A Quiet Afternoon" - A reimagining of a piece I first made in 2020, so I could apply what I've learned since going back into full-time art education

"A Quiet Afternoon" - A reimagining of a piece I first made in 2020, so I could apply what I've learned since going back into full-time art education

Latest piece for my Viking-themed Blades in the Dark hack!

CW: eye contact, highly stylised

As I've mentioned before, I'm a big fan of pianist Trevor Alan Gomes (88bitmusic on Twitch).

He's definitely been a major inspiration for me getting back into playing the piano as an adult; his talent is frankly incredible.

A couple of weeks back on stream I requested he improv around the Super Mario 64 File Select, and the result was simply wonderful:

Cari and Amanda have been working super hard to put this project together. Here's a small preview of the (color coordinated!) deck and my own contribution - Budapest Pigeons, your Six of Swords :D

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Second project I contributed to that's running it's crowdfunder right now: The Loaf Tarot Project!

Already smashed the initial funding and now we're looking to unlock pin designs!

Back home after our first night away since lockdown began.

We soaked in sunlight reflecting off sandstone, relaxed amongst some greenery, and took a bunch of photos in wonderful lighting conditions!

Holiday achieved! It was only for overnight but we balanced lots of activity with a good amount of rest!

More importantly, it was a test of sorts - for us it was our first longer-than-a-day trip in nearly three years. Also it was Poppy's first time being left home alone for that long and we wanted to ease her into the idea (she did v well!).

I think more smol trips are in store this summer!

I've been reading @vicorva's "Non Player Character", and I've gotta say I love it.

I've never read something that so perfectly described so many things about my own neurodiverse experience. And gotta say, not magically curing the disabled character but instead using magic to imagine a world where accessibility and mobility devices are better and more accessible? *chefs kiss*

This book has brought me more peace with my disability than anything else in my life.

Thanks for this lovely book <3

The social fidgeting of expecting neighbors to pop round *sometime today* for something quick n' breezy that doesn't require an appointed time - but course I can't settle into the day properly til they do.

My friend launched her Kickstarter for Dungeons and Doggos yesterday! A cute set of pins, starting with a Rogue Corgi and a Cat20 (a kitty curled up around a D20), with more designs unlocked if stretch goals met.

Higher tiers can get you all the pins plus custom pet portraits with your fave DnD class!

Mentorship meeting done for the month! He was pleased with my composition and first pass sketch/values, but he showed me how much further I could push it. His suggestions made it look so good! :artaww:

I could see what he did and understood the logic of it, but I would never have thought of doing it myself. I hope I can eventually get to the point where I can push my work further w/o needing someone to do it for me :<

daily microfiction 

We built a construct to fight the star-dragons.

His crystalline flesh we clad in metacarbon armour, his single eye protected and focused by a permeable amethyst visor. His wings shadow nations as he soars overhead, colossal in his grandeur.

We soaked him in humanity's hopes and fears; in our hubris we fueled him with our manifold expectations.


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