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I can't art right now because my room reeks* and I can't bear to sit in it at my desk. I'm sleeping in the spare room for now. Show more

Nice: someone reblogged one of my pics on Tumblr
Plusgood: they added tags
Ungood: it's one of those RP blogs that uses stupid tiny text in tags as well as special characters for decoration, so I have literally no idea what they're saying about it

Do you make music? Commission your next album cover with me! Do you know a musician whose music would go well with my art? Let them know!

Hello, I'm new here. I'm working on personal Illustration and design projects and trying to level up in general and keep going with it all. I'm interested in concept art, folk art and digital painting in general. I'll post sketches and experiments here from time to time. My portfolio is at thimblefolio.com and here is some of my recent work:mastodon.art/media/N0tlVHteqtg mastodon.art/media/VJFpkyznmgM mastodon.art/media/oLJM44V7NfR mastodon.art/media/i0PbEMjHZ-U

@charlie I like the composition of the middle one best. The other two still have lovely focus, but I'd like the composition better if it wasn't so tightly cropped on the cat's feet. (It's a very pretty cat, by the way!)

Some news: I want to pull out of my art slump and post more in 2018, so I've remade some of my places.

Consolidated my art sites and moved everything onto: sludge.town

New Tumblr: sludgetown.tumblr.com

New Instagram:

Also I do still have an art Twitter: twitter.com/sludgetown But from now on, I'll toot here and let the excellent crossposter crossposter.masto.donte.com.br handle reposting on birdsite.

@kemonine Oh yeah, I'm planning on posting the pics I took last weekend at Jodrell Bank/Bluedot Festival once I'm finished with them. (:

I hope I'm not coming across as saying my method is the one true way or I'm an expert at this. It just disappoints when I see black and white photos that are clearly one-click when the OP could have made them so much prettier with little effort.

I'm editing photos I took during my little holiday and thought I'd demonstrate something. (This is part of the Lovell telescope.)

Left: image converted from colour to b&w simply by right-click and 'desaturate': mastodon.art/media/3HvrgRnJaC1

Right: how I normally edit pics I want to turn b&w. mastodon.art/media/m55ScpjdRP_

Don't simply hit the desaturate filter! Take the time to play with levels, contrast, and even a bit of noise (blue channel) first.

Gnnn, making tiled backgrounds is hard. (Not so much the mapping; software can do that for you. It's making something that looks good when tiled.)

Has anyone used Stuart Semple's Black 2.0 pigment? I'm painting with it now and I've lost count of how many coats I've applied. Wondering how many it takes for it to look properly black.

I think the most useful drawing advice I've had recently is 'pull curves, push straights'. I.e. when drawing a straight line, draw it with your pen/stylus etc. going from close to you to further away. Vice versa for drawing curved lines.

@Firstaide Thank you for the kind words! I'm not sure what Murgatranthes uses as dye, tbh. I don't know if human-style hair dyes would work on feathers. I know hair and feathers are the same protein but hair dye might make feathers clump or something? I'll just put it down to 'something the demons have invented'.