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A lizard maybe @Sludgetown@mastodon.art

I'm editing photos I took during my little holiday and thought I'd demonstrate something. (This is part of the Lovell telescope.)

Left: image converted from colour to b&w simply by right-click and 'desaturate': mastodon.art/media/3HvrgRnJaC1

Right: how I normally edit pics I want to turn b&w. mastodon.art/media/m55ScpjdRP_

Don't simply hit the desaturate filter! Take the time to play with levels, contrast, and even a bit of noise (blue channel) first.

Some of Murgatranthes' favourite/most commonly seen palette swaps. She paints her horns and dyes her feathers. mastodon.art/media/UeqLmDFNev-

And a comparison with essentially the same picture from 2008. mastodon.art/media/mOnQ4CAkyfp

Headshot of my character Silrathus (same character that's currently in my userpic). She's a fire demon. mastodon.art/media/EdWNM6RWOa_

Comparison between previous WIP shot and current. mastodon.art/media/cO8GEKefzKy mastodon.art/media/0j6cE_sPvCu

It's coming along but still has a ways to go (I just re-made the further away horn and have yet to begin shading it). Critique very welcome, redlines (if you can be bothered) especially so!

Been working on a new reference for my demon character Phelmarith Cradior. mastodon.art/media/Ra8LHvpFqBF

Marking as NSFW to be safe. It's not lewd but the character is unclothed.

Comparison between 2014 and 2017 ref sheets: bobtodd.info/?p=631

A literal : mastodon.art/media/atOG2IilOsD
I keep my art supplies in two of these storage towers from Wilko - they're really useful! There's one on either side of my monitor. wilko.com/wilko-storage-unit-g

I use a Canon EOS 600D for photography. I'm still learning to use it - I had a 400D for a decade, and this model is a big step up!

A silly picture I took last time we had snow in the UK. It's really a mammoth but we can pretend it's a mastodon!

(The label actually said it was a 'mommoth' (sic) so I guess it could be either.)

I went out looking for a moth for . I didn't take a very good pic, but you can see its fuzzy antennae! mastodon.art/media/WXOMlBMmoIW cc @InsectNews@mastodon.social

Bonus butterfly because butterflies are really just a freaky subset of moths with clubbed antennae. mastodon.art/media/8dXE50hYLbv

Some little animal doodles from a couple of years ago.

1. a birthday stegosaurus mastodon.art/media/SSuDFnJTWxD

2. A cat-bread from this children's book: kanikuma.com/e/ehon/nekopan.ht mastodon.art/media/CI5AW6Wllxk

3. A manta ray mastodon.art/media/14z28P4NXn4

4. A snail-me. I unironically love the Turbo franchise so I made a snail-sona in the style of Turbo FAST. mastodon.art/media/9YmJJln280O

Some fanart from a couple of years ago of the Planet Smasher! It's from Devin Townsend’s albums Ziltoid the Omniscient and Z2/Dark Matters.

The Planet Smasher’s name is Herman and he hates musicals.


I'm a scaly and these are my sonas. Duck (who is not a duck) is loosely based on monitor lizards and is my everyday sona. The nameless crocodile is a more idealised version of me (more of a self-insert character than a self-representation), and exists in the same universe as my demon characters.

mastodon.art/media/KwceXbbCHab mastodon.art/media/osJpbaxRa9E

Getting my new account started - here are some vultures (a white-backed and a hooded) from the Hawk Conservancy in Andover. mastodon.art/media/bdm94qvxikG mastodon.art/media/aTmphhz6o-7 mastodon.art/media/I0sUOH128VM