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I'm editing photos I took during my little holiday and thought I'd demonstrate something. (This is part of the Lovell telescope.)

Left: image converted from colour to b&w simply by right-click and 'desaturate': mastodon.art/media/3HvrgRnJaC1

Right: how I normally edit pics I want to turn b&w. mastodon.art/media/m55ScpjdRP_

Don't simply hit the desaturate filter! Take the time to play with levels, contrast, and even a bit of noise (blue channel) first.

A lizard maybe @Sludgetown

I hope I'm not coming across as saying my method is the one true way or I'm an expert at this. It just disappoints when I see black and white photos that are clearly one-click when the OP could have made them so much prettier with little effort.

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@Sludgetown I think your comments on B&W lazy vs fiddling were well stated. The before/after was also a good touch IMHO.

Certainly wants to make me revisit a few conversions I did last year.

@Sludgetown Anytime.

Do you plan on posting more photog stuff?

@kemonine Oh yeah, I'm planning on posting the pics I took last weekend at Jodrell Bank/Bluedot Festival once I'm finished with them. (: