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A lizard maybe @Sludgetown

Has anyone used Stuart Semple's Black 2.0 pigment? I'm painting with it now and I've lost count of how many coats I've applied. Wondering how many it takes for it to look properly black.

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@Sludgetown maybe 1 of these awesome artists will know about some or supplies 🖋.
Don't reply all y'all & hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend.


@Sludgetown ah... I read that as fountain pen ink. Ok maybe @joshmillard then or @leauxra?

@Curator @Sludgetown @leauxra I haven't spent much time with mine; I painted a few testers to see how matte and how black it is laid on casually, and it's...pretty matte and black? But nothing optically shocking.

Have not made the effort to chase down a really really flat deep black with it yet since that doesn't fit anything I'm working on at the moment. Am guessing a smooth sanded surface would help.