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Risky Remake

I did it! Made it before the end of the month!
What I lacked in varieties, compared to Shantae, I made up for in improvements and technique!


What are you waiting for, Legoshi?

Haru is waiting for you..

Shout-out to Leairis Cross for allowing me to use her cosplay set for this.

Follow her on Twitter @Leairis3

Shantae Showing Off (Pics 5-8)
Sweater and BrownCrown shirt!
Ray Narvaez Jr was the reason I got into Shantae in the first place!


Shantae Showing Off Remaster (Pics 1-4)
Might as well post the swimsuits first (yes. Birthday Suit counts. Ever heard of skinny dipping?)


Line art of the original four pieces.

The variations have now reached eight! This is only half of the planned content for this month!

The sketch versions of the Hoodie and T-shirt designs for my Shantae set!

Line art for the original four coming next!

Sketch of Shantae in her bikini!

Hoodie and T-Shirt coming next!


WIP Sketch of Nude Shantae, as part of the six-piece set for this month.

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Shantae won't be the only one getting a remaster, either. I made a Risky Boots set as well, which will be remastered in February.


Been a while, guys!

Guess who's remastering a nearly six-year-old image set!

Shantae is getting a remaster, and I'm doing ALL FOUR VARIANTS, and maybe one or two more.

The T-Shirt one will even be designed as intended, with Ray Narvaez Jr's Crown as a logo.

Gonna make this a monthly thing. Not all monthly sets will be remasters, however.

When it comes to art, my motivation to do it comes and goes. But, when it goes, it can stay gone for a LONG time.

Admittedly, this has not been a good year for me. But, I've never thrown in the towel, even at my lowest.

Welp! My lewd Twitter got suspended. Guess that means my art will just have to come here instead...

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FAKKU's mascot, Momoka.

I wonder if they even remember I did this. It IS a five-year-old fan art, after all.

If the date didn't give it away, the Tumblr link did. (That Tumblr no longer exists, BTW)

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And here, we have another Rabbit OC, Cheeks, from DarkArtsKai.

DAK, as I like to call him, is a pretty chill, but very busy, dude. His art style is amazing! So amazing, back when he did them, if you did not have an e-mail with all the deets ready fifteen minutes before he opened for commissions, you were not getting into the queue.

They're at premium pricing, but worth it.

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I've drawn OCs from other artists as well.

This one was drawn for Icy, aka Iseenudepeople, to celebrate her birthday, which is also coming up in a week.

I should get started on another gift soon. I might even make it safe enough to not need CW.

Partial Nudity, Sexual References 

Fable Novella, a Usagimimi (Bunny Girl) with sky-blue hair and a Cockney accent, is a treasure-hunter who's more into stealing a honey for the night. Bisexual, hypersexual, and known to bed whoever she calls a friend and then some, not many can match her libido... which she also uses as a mana source for a class of magic called Eromancy.

Strong Language, Sexual References 

This is Tomoe Kuroko. You may not be able to see it right now, but she is a Okamimimi (Wolf Girl) with Magenta hair and a blonde bang.

I'm part of an ero RP group called Bunny and Fox World, or BnF World for short. Fable and Tomoe, made before I joined, were redesigned to fit in with the setting.

Well, you guys have seen my fan art so far, how about some art of my OCs?

While one hasn't received any official art from me, Fable Novella and Tomoe Kuroko have plenty. They've been my muses for years!

Let's post some favorites! This will include pencil sketches!

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