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Clothes littered the floor so much so she wasn't sure floor even existed; Schrodinger's floor, she joked to herself.

Maybe "All good in Flash Land" meant Zaslev authorized the budget to digitally replace him

The Nameless; hate, pain, and terror given form.

Cosmic creature that has existed since before the dawn of time, a sentient darkness that fed and fed until the big bang brought light unto the universe.

Now it exists as part of the Balance alongside Roxanne

Man the late 90's to mid 2ks were a fucking hotbed for edgy shit

I feel blessed i came out the other side not an asshole

I knew that there was a godzilla movie where he and his homies had word bubbles; I just didn't expect it to be the one vs Gigan.

The newest chapter of Solar Flare is up on ! Really proud of all the changes made to this one! I'm knocking these bad boys out too.

Now's the time to get on board! 🚆

🌞 🌞

Lots of editing progress for my first novel. 3rd chapter is almost completely different with a new opening among other tweaks. I'm excited for people to see it.

Why does Zaslav say he wants less scripted content when reality TV is pretty much scripted TV

So this thing. This thing here? This thing I drew on a whim during lunch one time? I actually wrote it into a story.

This was probably one of the first comics of Jenny's I saw and it makes me laugh EVERY single time.
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For #SpiderManDay I redrew this old comic from when my son was a toddler and called spiders “Spidermans”

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