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Hi Mastodon people! 👋
I'm Sinsitra and I draw stuff, mostly in digital.
she/her | 🇵🇱 🇬🇧
Currently I'm working on my fantasy adult webcomic about vampires and stuff "The Blessed & The Beast"🔞: (It's available also on Tapas & Webtoon in mobile format.)
Other inks to the comic & all my social medias:

(I have no idea how things work here so bear with me😅 )

This weekend I was at Pyrkon, which is the biggest convention i Poland and one of the biggest in Europe (55k ppl this year!).

It was a very tiresome weekend, especially Saturday, when I was at my table for 11 hours. But I'm so happy! I sold many issues of "Krysia" and some people came back after reading the comic to tell me that they liked it 😭❤️

Can't wait for the next event to see you again and to meet new people (and maybe finally see some "Yakuza" cosplays...)!

Some flowers (and a little yellow beetle) I drew for my merch🌼 I really love flowers and I'm happy I'm finally learning how to draw them.

Look what I got and look who is inside! It's a new episode of Krysia the Goblin's adventures!💚
I got printed in the polish comic anthology "Warchlaki". Again! I'm so happy 🥰

Whoops old art again, but I still like it and wanna show it! And I'm really proud of his hands 🥰
That's brother executor Samael and you may have already seen him in my webcomic 'The Blessed & the Beast': 🦇

Some old art of my OC Dragon! (Who is not a dragon).
Acts like an idiot, but he's actually very smart. He won't pass even the slightest opportunity to fight - you know, as a hobby.
He's a character form my other comic project "Uncanny Valley" (coming not-soon).

Today is the 1st anniversary of the comic! I can't believe an entire year has passed since I started posting 'The Blessed & The Beast' 🥰

You can read the comic on ❤️

LIl' doodle I drew for Valentine's day for my dear friend kociepierogi: 🥰
They're Shtefan and Jean and they're characters from his webcomic 'Simple Job'. You absolutely should check it out!

Old art (form 2020!), but I'm still super proud of it and I still love it 🥺 My best attempt at digital painting so far.

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First full art of 2022! Balthasar and Laetitia are ready for 🦇 Those ornaments were so fun to draw ☺️💖

(They're both from my fantasy webcomic 'The Blessed & The Beast':

(Last year art, but I've never posted it)

It's always hungry Krysia the Goblin with her faithful (and angry) companion Bartuś the Badger! You may remember her from the small comic I made - 'Krysia and The Temple of The Lost Grapefruit'. And right now I'm working on the new episode of their adventures🦡

Second one is her very serious brother - Jean Pierre Goblinareff, who is my husband's Pathfinder character.

I made 🥳 2021 was filled with art - I haven't even posted all of it on my social media! I also finished drawing chapter 1 of my webcomic. It was a good year💖 Onward to 2022!

Also links to my other social media: & the comic about vampires & stuff: 🧛

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