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@Shonalika I'll give you the thirty-eight gigabytes of commissions of James' fursona then

furry artists! I’m making a video and I need some pictures for it. should stress that this is a teeny tiny thing; they’ll only be onscreen for like a second and won’t be the main focus of the video. will obvs credit you in the description though!

if ya wanna contribute toot below with yr art (sfw please) and a link to an extra site if you want, insta/ko-fi/whatever

forget more hours in a day. I need more days in a day

feeelings, pos 

over time, I've completely lost interest in classic rock music. it seems musically dull as well as just a bit idk, immature and manly and boring.

emo bands on the other hand

what would you say the main population groups on mastodon are? I would say furries, artists, techbros and queers with plenty crossover between categories but what do you think

I'm looking forward to sharing my first one, if I manage to get enough done I should have it up this weekend ^^

I've realised recording videos is a lot like recording vocals in some ways. I'm ok once I'm doing it, but I have to psych myself up/prepare beforehand, and setting the thing up is somehow the worst part even though it's really not difficult

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we're very happy to be playing trans pride again this year. come see us in Brighton on July 20th x

mild health neg 

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nonbinarymisia mention 


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food mention, meat 

@envgen just thought you should know I almost unfollowed you by accident

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Why get married and have kids when you could simply be a trash bag human

general update 

the pdp/biab drama, advice req 

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