look at me and my rippling abs of privilege while I sexualise you for wearing a shirt with a low collar

@mxsiege you remember when there were a lot of posts going round reminding people to do image descs, maybe we just need a round of those being like 'ppl pls cws on discourse and such"

obvs individuals can cw however they want so long as its allowed on their instance but still, not *having* to look at angry/intense/sad stuff is kinda what I'm on here for

@mxsiege huh yeah I’ve noticed that recently, bit annoying

@temporalcatnip @jankar89 hey both, was just wondering, would it be ok if I used this image to pop up for a second in a video I'm doing for youtube? (it's very furry-friendly, though that's not the main focus of the video). will obvs credit artist in description. also obvs cool if not ^^

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1. Racism doesn't require intention. You can say or do something unintentionally racist. Your non-white mutuals/friends/partners/cousin-twice-removed cannot save you from that.

@guerrillablack oh jesus heck I'm literally doing a video on this exact topic and the people who inspired it are scoring on every single point XD thanks for the handy reference, may link to it in the desc if that's cool with you

uncomfortable cis moments today 

optimistically slathered myself in suncream this morning, what a fool

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Metamorphosis by Kafka is about what happens to you and your family when you become a gamer

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I love this official art of Rayquaza cause it looks like he's leaning in to tell you his worst, most dad joke that only he'll laugh about while you are groaning at how bad it is.

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i ordered a bunch of sardines in bulk and my kids found them and have started saying to each other "i swear it on my father's sardines" and i dunno it just doesnt feel like im coming back from this one

@Jenkar I am doing the tea. I cannot afford to do the bed right now, but I strongly look forward to doing so and being grateful for it later

I'm having to use someone else's laptop and it's incredibly distressing

swiping through men on tinder and feeling so sorry for straight women

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A lot of people out here asking what in tarnation? But I'm wondering what *is* tarnation?

potensh instance move, long 

potensh instance move, long 

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