furry artists! I’m making a video and I need some pictures for it. should stress that this is a teeny tiny thing; they’ll only be onscreen for like a second and won’t be the main focus of the video. will obvs credit you in the description though!

if ya wanna contribute toot below with yr art (sfw please) and a link to an extra site if you want, insta/ko-fi/whatever

I'm confused this post hasn't had more response I thought mastodon was like 99% furry artists where are you all

@Nikolai_Kingsley it's about mastodon in general. I'm not about to attack furries don't fret

i wasn't worried about attacks, i was just idly curious as one tends to be on a saturday night while crunching on stale prawn crackers. sorry, i don't have any prawn cracker art.

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