you knnow what's bad. bathrooms with carpets

there have been a lot of unexpected facts and strong opinions regarding toilet decor, mastodon never fails to educate

can we please end this discourse before my timeline turns into a gallery of novelty toilet covers

@Shonalika You know what's even worse?

The old German habit of putting plush cover on toilets 🙀

@Shonalika To keep you... warm?

I first encountered it as a kid and I was freaked out. I just couldn't sit there...

@jules @Shonalika I mean, I agree, but my grandparents had their toilet down in a freezing basement so it was either plush cover or butt frostbite.

@Corvusrobotica @Shonalika Or master the art of not actually sitting down while doing your thing ^^

@Corvusrobotica @jules honestly I'd rather get the frostbite, these are just so unhygienic XD I guess you could just bung them in the wash, but still

@jules I mean I get the logic, but personally I'd rather have a cold butt than deal with toilet backsplash on a plushy seat

I saw these growing up, in the rural Midwest so it could've been a German influence. ;)

@jules @Shonalika oh gosh, I've come across this at friends' houses and felt very uncomfortable sitting there.

@jules @Shonalika OMG, I am German and knew about the lid cover, BUT THE ACTUAL SEAT? 😱

@Kiki @jules just the lid cover surely makes even less sense? it won't even have any butt-warming function

@Shonalika @Kiki It usually matches the two rugs on the floor. The one in front of the sink and the u-shaped one in front of the toilet. Maybe it's to camouflage the toilet? 😂

@jules @Kiki can't have people going to the bathroom and finding the toilet!! D:

@jules @Shonalika
Whyyyy? D:
Imagine the look of that thing after a year of use D:

@jules @Shonalika
Of course, but still.
I get a floofy cover for the lid, so it looks nice. But not the seat, bäääh xD

@Shonalika as an owner of a bathroom with a carpet I disagree. Bathroom carpets are not the same as the ones you find in a lounge or other room in the house (or at least, they really shouldn't be) and are treated properly to not get dirty while also not being freezing cold on your feet at 3am

@Shonalika My head agrees with this. My nostalgia does not. Comfy grandparents houses with a carpeted bathroom are the best and you can't change my mind.

@rghvdberg I'm profoundly appalled but feel compelled to boost nonetheless

@Shonalika my grandmother has a horrible carpeted toilet cover, it looked vaguely like this but white and without the bit that goes on the seat

@aeonofdiscord @er1n whoever it is I want it to get its mouth away from me

Disgusting Show more

Oh yeah the fuzzy fabric covers were ubiquitous on old-lady toilets when I was growing up.

@er1n @Shonalika it's Oscar the toilet seat cover! And grouchier than a grouch.

@er1n @Shonalika This is like Oscar the Grouch meets my worst nightmares.
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