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Hi! I'm Shonalika, a creative person. I write songs, rap, and sing. Also half of @powderpaint.

I have an uncommon physical which causes chronic pain. Over time I've lost the ability to play guitar. So I started spoken word and splashing around in Logic.

Also like to paint and play Pokemon if my condition lets me.

Not sure if I have a personality outside of that, so... that's all I guess! Thanks for reading ^^

anyone else have their parents trying to stop them calling erasers "rubbers" because in their day that meant condoms

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trying to pet a cerberus puppy on the head would be sad because one of the heads would always be upset that they aren't being petted

I feel like I'm either having a bad nightclub experience or I'm about to be arrested

I do feel some of these flashing Christmas lights are unnecessarily aggressive

getting a fairly strong urge to hibernate

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does anyone know of any bands who have a similar vocal style to Enter Shikari? specifically the rough/scream vocals though if they have similar cleans as well that's even better

with my sister from London in a Brighton pub and she looks at the menu and goes “oh, this is cheap!”


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@rghvdberg I'm profoundly appalled but feel compelled to boost nonetheless

can we please end this discourse before my timeline turns into a gallery of novelty toilet covers

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@Shonalika my grandmother has a horrible carpeted toilet cover, it looked vaguely like this but white and without the bit that goes on the seat

there have been a lot of unexpected facts and strong opinions regarding toilet decor, mastodon never fails to educate

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@Shonalika You know what's even worse?

The old German habit of putting plush cover on toilets 🙀

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