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Hi! I'm Shonalika, a creative person. I write songs, rap, and sing. Also half of @powderpaint.

I have an uncommon physical which causes chronic pain. Over time I've lost the ability to play guitar. So I started spoken word and splashing around in Logic.

Also like to paint and play Pokemon if my condition lets me.

Not sure if I have a personality outside of that, so... that's all I guess! Thanks for reading ^^

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I'm terrified to say it but I think this song I'm working on is almost good

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Sis: I need your help. I have no time in the world.

Me: I can’t make more time, I don’t have that power

Sis: well what powers DO you have

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If you’re mean to service employees you deserve bad service and worse

may as well try and get a couple of trees to make out

I’ve got a couple of friends who seem to want to hook up but they’re both shy af so I don’t know how anyone’s supposed to make that happen really

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incidentally I also found a bathroom located in an outdoor shed entirely separate from the cafe

it didn't rank highly as far as bathrooms go but it was a very quintessential Brighton experience that should be recommended to tourists

enjoyed this bathroom. big fan. gonna go back there someday

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so when I found this bathroom it genuinely gave me a moment of calm

I’ve become a lot more crowd-averse than I used to be. I think part of it is probably due to being stuck indoors so much and not being used to it anymore, and the other part might be to do with fear of getting accidentally injured by someone, fairly unlikely as that is to happen

my Polite Voice is like 100x more feminine than my neutral voice, which some would refer to as impolite

ah, a nice calming bathroom. think I’ll stay here for the rest of the day

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