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Hi! I'm Shonalika, a creative person. I write songs, rap, and sing. Also half of @powderpaint.

I have an uncommon physical which causes chronic pain. Over time I've lost the ability to play guitar. So I started spoken word and splashing around in Logic.

Also like to paint and play Pokemon if my condition lets me.

Not sure if I have a personality outside of that, so... that's all I guess! Thanks for reading ^^

have you ever seen a seagull being affectionate to another seagull. serious question

I am highly displeased by single decker buses

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ok but which one of you is the cooking gay and which is the takes the spiders out of the house gay

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powderpaint presents FOR A MOMENT

hey why not put us on all your spotify and itunes playlists cos it's on there too

(eye contact in cover art below)

does anyone know of any bathrooms in Brighton that might be good for filming a music video in? ideally looking for a big bright, white-ish clean one with multiple cubicles, but otherwise one that has more uh, "character" may work too. just scouting out possibilities atm

@Shonalika a really cute girl looked at me again so I feel better now

on which note, this is do do with personal/discourse related stuff not music stuff dw. big thanks to the wonderful creatures sharing and listening to our new single. we appreciate you so much <3

@Shonalika almost posted this from the powderpaint account by accident lol

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it's also on youtube if you like to listen to things on youtube

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filmed my first proper music video! coming soon can't wait to show you all aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

(the gorgeous enbie featured is @Magnulus on twitter, don't think they're active on here)

a pretty girl looked at me today so now I’m happy

staying with some fucko who doesn't have a microwave so I have to actually make sure to drink my tea before it goes cold

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if I eat really old grapes can I get drunk

I think moloko are an example of a band that was a bit TOO ahead of the curve. like their more normal songs were massive hits, but if people bought the album they'd be alienated by the rest of it. whereas today their weird ass experimental nonsense would be right on the zeitgeist

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