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Hi! I'm Shonalika, a creative person. I write songs, rap, and sing. Also half of @powderpaint.

I have an uncommon physical which causes chronic pain. Over time I've lost the ability to play guitar. So I started spoken word and splashing around in Logic.

Also like to paint and play Pokemon if my condition lets me.

Not sure if I have a personality outside of that, so... that's all I guess! Thanks for reading ^^

look at me and my rippling abs of privilege while I sexualise you for wearing a shirt with a low collar

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1. Racism doesn't require intention. You can say or do something unintentionally racist. Your non-white mutuals/friends/partners/cousin-twice-removed cannot save you from that.

optimistically slathered myself in suncream this morning, what a fool

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Metamorphosis by Kafka is about what happens to you and your family when you become a gamer

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I love this official art of Rayquaza cause it looks like he's leaning in to tell you his worst, most dad joke that only he'll laugh about while you are groaning at how bad it is.

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i ordered a bunch of sardines in bulk and my kids found them and have started saying to each other "i swear it on my father's sardines" and i dunno it just doesnt feel like im coming back from this one

I'm having to use someone else's laptop and it's incredibly distressing

swiping through men on tinder and feeling so sorry for straight women

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A lot of people out here asking what in tarnation? But I'm wondering what *is* tarnation?

potensh instance move, long 

potensh instance move, long 

it seems that most people moved instance for one or more of the following reasons:

A. to help maintain decentralised system

B. when original instance was too busy or too quiet

C. to be in a space with trusted friends/admins

D. to be in spaces more closely geared to interests

E. technical issues on original instance

F. admin or general drama issues on original instance

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nobody in metallica has ever made a woman cum. they're too aggressively hetero

I'm confused this post hasn't had more response I thought mastodon was like 99% furry artists where are you all

every day I get to be in a bed and I am so grateful for it

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The book of genesis, chapter one: Adam Ruins Everything

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