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Hi! I'm Shonalika, a creative person. I write songs, rap, and sing. Also half of @powderpaint.

I have an uncommon physical which causes chronic pain. Over time I've lost the ability to play guitar. So I started spoken word and splashing around in Logic.

Also like to paint and play Pokemon if my condition lets me.

Not sure if I have a personality outside of that, so... that's all I guess! Thanks for reading ^^

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The bots firing at the top of the hour is the fediverse counterpart of all the bell towers ringing in an old city

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I'm pretty sure there was a website where you could select up two two filters, and some of those filters were "Dark," "Vegan," and "Cheap."

sorry, either your money, ethics or skin colour's gotta go

finding makeup that is both vegan and sufficiently dark is a pain in the ass btw

would have required a lot of explanation I feel

I can't help but wonder how whoever the Pet Shop Boys were dating when they released "I'm With Stupid" felt

I haven't listened to "Heart" by the Pet Shop Boys in so long and listening to it now and oh my goddddddddddddddd

today I tried out this self-care thing and had a bath. I'd like to thank the academy

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my kinky oven toots seem reasonably popular. what's wrong with you all

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@Shonalika skimming past I read "coworker" instead of cooker. A mix of relief and disappointment when I realized my mistake

not sure how this relationship is going to work tbh, I feel like I should be making her food not the other way round

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