Here's another day-night scene from my adventure game.

Updated digital commission post!
Have a gander if you'd like an OC drawn, or one of your favourite characters (I'd love to do some Star Trek commissions, but have yet to do examples. So expect me to spam this once more)
My prices:
Ones with backgrounds (like these) - $65 / £50
Full Figures - $45 / £35
Busts - $33 / £25
More of my work here :
#mastoart #commission #commissions #creativetoot #art #illustration #digitalart

Went to the park today in search of angular things to draw. Ended up with these three sketches and a mysterious nasty bite on the leg.

#inktober #cc0 #mastoart #art #drawing

@ShefskiArt always👏walk👏on👏the👏left👏side👏of👏the👏desert👏

What would happen if two cowboys crossed paths in the desert? I think it would look a little something like this.

Welcome back to philly to the amazing @snailix !

Alix just got back from hawaii, after participating in an important ocean expedition on the E/V Nautilus.

So excited to see her next adventure.

Here's some drawings from tonight - my first time using a graphite stick.

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