Here are the first 4 designs for my Fantastic Familiar pin series! Colors are subject to change, but I'm happy with how they turned out. Each will have one shimmery sparkle color and gold plated lines. What mythical creature would you choose as your familiar? technical difficulties *should* be fixed now, let's get SPOOOKED with Silent Hill 2!

Today I revisited an old series of neon dino skull designs, the latest being my childhood favourite Parasaurolophus. I'm hoping to make some more designs and have a kickstarter to create some merch featuring them in the near future!

Here's the beginnings of my latest detailed prop, a yak for my Tibetan monastery project! I'm recording my process so eventually you can see it come to life much faster than it will take me to make.

Global Game Jam 2019 was super inspiring and exhilarating! Now I will 3D model a kitty until I fall asleep 🐱

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Here is the first batch of LIL BIG KITTIES designs! These will become stickers and possibly other merch, if there's interest.

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Gonna do a last min 3D homework stream at around 830 EST! I am in the final stretch of cramming this project and my brain cells could use some company before their untimely deaths

Making stuff with 3DS Max, Substance Painter and Unreal 4 πŸ‘

My ceramic horse is proving to be very difficult to UV map... I think 3DS Max is aiming for bobble head here, or maybe Bitten On Face By A Hive Of Bees And Painfully Swollen.

ALMOST...FINISHED....guhhhhh 😩

all I want after this is done is a normal sleep schedule
please based god

WELP, models are finally done! Of course I'm still texturing everything, but for now I hope you enjoy the result of months of mind melting tedium and stress :') A wealthy woman's opium/game room from Tang Dynasty, China.

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