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The worst thing about losing access to PayPal is losing access to eBay.

Sure, almost everything can be bought off AliExpress, but still.

There was a Japanese seller on eBay, from whom I used to buy pens and inks. I still have some stocked, but inks have this tendency to run out eventually. :)

Fuck PayPal and its unreasonable demands. :(

I stayed up until ~2 am writing (or, rather, trying to write). And then got a work emergency call at 4 am.

Don't get me wrong, I like earning money. :) But I hate it when it has to be like this.

One of the perks of wearing a sports bra instead of a t-shirt is that you can put an mp3 player there while on an orbitrack or a treadmill. *gg*

The young moon is exceptionally beautiful tonight. πŸŒ™

Dear neighbours, I need your help completing a row.

I have two words. I need three. Could you maybe suggest what might be your association or first thought upon seeing these?

Words are "anger" and "violence".

My sister's immediate boss was diagnosed with covid. She and a couple of other doctors were in close contact prior to that and are now being tested as well.

I know that being a doctor is not quite safe these days. But I hope so much that nothing bad happens to my sister. :/

Japanese photographers post marvellous photos on Mastodon. I have never seen this amount of sheer beauty on any photography site. I'm so thankful. πŸ’–

The first two pages of Clara's teen experiment are starting to look like a real thing. Although bar 30 with its 11 (well, 10) quick repetitions of one note might not be actually doable on my upright . I will keep trying, of course, but who knows.

Now I'm kind of stuck on bar 36, which has a tricky rhythmic pattern that I've never encountered before. I've spent lots of time trying to crack it, and at some point even got it right, more or less :) Alas, I was not able to repeat this success.

imagine if we called it "stereosexual" and "monosexual"

When I was a kid of about 10-11 years old and didn't yet know English quite well, I thought the lyrics in "Jingle Bells" went something like this:

Oh, what fun it is to ride and sing
A slaying song tonight.

I have a confession to make.

Several years ago, when I was on an excursion in Cricova wineyard in Moldova, I stole this. πŸ˜…

After using the new eyedrops for almost three months now, I have finally started to notice the side effect promised in the instruction. My lashes did start to grow and thicken. *gg*

Something nice at least, not only bad things.

How I love those days when support telephone line goes down for one reason or another, and users cannot call us, but have to use the ticketing system instead. :)

I'm piecing this scene together like like a jigsaw puzzle. Even had to create a separate temp file for keeping bits of dialogue and descriptions that I liked, but which wouldn't fit.

Lately I've been using the "dialogue first" scheme. It turned out to be the best way for me to keep track of the events in a scene.

Alas, this discovery came at a price of having to rewrite a lot in order to unfuck the plot. πŸ˜…

By the way, sorry for managing to completely misspell the name of Elon Musk. πŸ˜‚

What do you say about this, Ilon Mask? *gg*

( You might want to turn on subtitles. The song is not translated, but I can do it here if someone is interested. A very beautiful cyberfolk song. :) )

I have finally decided to purchase a 22'' monitor for my tiny home office.

I've been putting it off for a long time, hoping that the covid situation will be resolved by the end of summer at the latest. So I've been working on a laptop since March, thinking it was temporary.

Now it's November, and the end is nowhere in sight.

The sales person at the shop obviously didn't think I'd make a purchase. It was early morning. :) After paying, I wished him good luck with sales, and he said thanks. :)

Considering my skating season opened on the icy streets after the Thursday rain. I kept thinking that I could not fall, because I had my phone in the front inside pocket and I couldn't afford to smash it. :)

But seriously. They have mostly cleaned the roads during the two previous days. However, sidewalks are clear Olympic ice. Especially after yesterday, when it was +2 during the day, and now it's -5.

Lots of broken trees, such a pity. Lot's of torn cables. Mother Nature was harsh. :(

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