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I hate SAP. ๐Ÿ˜ก It's eight people on the call right now, and the end is nowhere in sight. And I had plans for this Saturday. ๐Ÿ˜ฅ

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One fine morning an Indian, an Australian and a Russian gathered on an emergency technical call.

Well. That's definitely not how I expected to spend a Saturday morning.

On today's news I read that Facebook is facing a new lawsuit because of Instagram illegally harvesting biometric data of its users.

How unexpected. Who'd have thought. Instagram harvesting data. It has never happened before, and here we go again. :)

One day I will go to Genoa, I swear. :) It is the first place in Italy I'd like to see.

Especially Galata Museo del Mare. And the Aquarium. :)

And everything else.

Can't wait for this madness to end, and for borders to open. I feel like I have lost so much time when I could've gone places, but didn't, because of Adult Responsibilities and Reasons.

I have already started putting away money, because I expect Italy to be expensive. :) Hopefully, next year.

A new employee arrives and is routed to me for IT assistance. A Russian Korean, with a traditional Korean name.

"Hello! I'm new here. My name is [says his full Korean name], but you can call me Vadim."

There's not a single "V" in his native name.

And I don't think he should try and make it easier for me/us by taking on a more European sounding name instead of his own.

Can't help but wonder if he does indeed like to be called Vadim, or if he just feels he's obligated to accommodate us.

Can't remember if I ever felt so lonely as in the last two months. Every evening, going to bed, I unconsciously hope that I won't wake up, and this misery will end all on its own.

I have a couple of (or, rather ) questions. Hopefully someone will be able to help, please?

Which of the current Android apps allows to add multiple accounts and have a unified home timeline for them?

I tried both @Tusky and @fedilab, but neither seems to have an option for unified home timeline for multiple accounts.

Also, as a little nice to have. :) Is it possible in Mastodon to add a tab with the public timeline from another instance?

Has anyone read "The Warehouse' by Rob Hart? Is it worth the time?

I'm about 1/3 into it, and nothing is happening plotwise. No action, no story, no nothing. Just description of the two MC's new lives in the Cloud.

Will the plot get moving faster, or is the whole book so slow?

I kind of like the idea and the intention. And it's a rather realistic feeling dystopia. But it is sooo slooooowww...

Perseverance Mars Rover has been nicknamed "Persik" in my aviation community. Meaning "peach" in Russian :)

I remember how during Opportunity mission, my late grandmother, already blind by then, would sit near the radio for hours, waiting for the news. That was the highlight of her day.

"What are you listening to?" - "I am deeply interested in Mars!"

Our relationship has never been good, she disliked my father for being non-Russian. Yet, that's how I remember her. Deeply interested in Mars :)

Saw a new argument from a flat earther. :) Basically, geography maps being flat is not a coincidence or anything, but proof of the whatever conspiracy that is going on to cover the fact that the Earth is, in fact, flat! ๐Ÿ˜‚

Why do these people always swarm to aviation communities of all places, I wonder. And not only that, but they always start to aggressively preach.

Sometimes there are days (like today, for example) when I wake up with a plot or a dialogue in my head and have this enormous desire to sit down and writewritewrite!

But then somewhere after breakfast it passes. :)

Wheeling away with a huge feeling of relaxation (of not having to drag the heavy bag myself), behind my back I heard the beginning of a scandal. The man in a suit didn't find the trolley where he left it and was shouting at some other man, accusing him of stealing it.

I felt a bit sorry for that another man, because it was me who stole the trolley. But then, he was a rather large dude and could stand his ground. And I was a petite woman with a heavy bag. :)

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I saw the man in a suit push the trolley behind the barrier tape on, so he could take it again after passing control. Then he queued at one of the scanners.

With a little bit of chaos that always accompanies these kinds of control points, I managed to sneak a bit ahead and quickly passed control without a hitch.

Then I went around to the barrier tape and, going unnoticed among other people, stole the suited man's trolley - just in time before he re-emerged from the control point. ... >>>

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By that moment all luggage trolleys - on which I counted so much! - were taken. The last one was snatched almost from my hand by a man in a suit, with an air of disdain around him. He had one wheeled suitcase, anyway, so I'm not sure why would he need an airport trolley anyway.

So I dragged along with my heavy bag towards the control point to go to the next terminal. Since there had been lots of people on the train before, naturally, a queue was already formed. ... >>>

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Once upon a time :) I was returning home from St.Petersburg.

With me I had a large bag with wheels instead of a suitcase. Unfortunately, it was damaged in transit on the very first leg - got its wheels torn out by some handler, most probably in Moscow. So I had to carry the big heavy bag in hand.

When I came to SVO, there were many passengers on the aeroexpress train. Many were in a hurry and running, pushing with elbows.

So, let's say I was not the first to enter the terminal. ... >>>

The USA is looking to ban Chinese social media apps, including TikTok. Pompeo says that otherwise you're risking getting "private information in the hands of the Chinese Communist Party."

I wonder when are they going to ban Facebook and Twitter? For getting, you know, private information in the wrong hands.

@pollomostro Sorry to bother you again, but since you're the only Italian I know, I have nobody else to nag you. :)

Could you please advise me some Italian radio station(s) with exclusively Italian music and some talking (preferably no politics, news are ok).

Also, could you maybe rec me some Italian instance, so I could read its public timeline and maybe follow someone?

I need practice. :) Learning languages requires practice. :)

Relationship incertainity 

I try to behave as usual, as if nothing is going on. Try to keep in mind the overall situation and be as normal as possible.

But it's not easy for me, and by refusing to talk about it she's only making it more difficult.

Is she busy? Is she ashamed? Is she tired of me?

I'm starting to imagine all kinds of disastrous things that might've happened, and it doesn't make me any happier.

It's just my luck to always meet the non-transparent people. :/

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Relationship incertainity 

I have a feeling that I. is avoiding me.

I tried talking about it twice, but last time she said she was not in the mood to talk serious stuff, and so I dropped it.

I know that she has been hit hard by the whole covid situation, and is going through tough times. The not-being-paid-for-two-months kind of tough. I even tried once to offer help, since I was not impacted and can afford it, but she just laughed it off. Money is a sensitive matter to her, so I didn't push.

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