Today I wrote about 500 words, spending about maybe four hours on them, on and off. I'm extremely slow. But at least it's moving?

@thor Walking is okay, too. Maybe, that's even better than running, because it's less strain and hence lets you use your brain. Audiobooks, plotting etc. I always take my voice recorder with me in case I have an interesting thought, so I won't have to write it down on the phone (which is not safe when moving).

I don't know, maybe it's just me and my gypsy genes, hehe. :) I don't mind moving aimlessly, be that on foot or by airplane. Being on the road is a nice feeling for me. :)

@Zergling_man Can't speak for everyone, but in my experience it's not about keeping the guard up. It's more about people being generally too talkative and noisy.

There's not much chitchat that I can take without getting annoyed, especially with people who are not close friends or family. And once I had to actually scream at a colleague at the office when she played loud music on the speakers (I mean, who the hell even does that? plug earphones in, it's an office, for crying out loud).


@thor Don't just sit, go for a run. :) Also, you might want to think of a nearby forests + saxophone, but I've already suggested that once. *gg*

@jendrawscomics Having second thoughts? πŸ˜† Isn't it a bit too late for that? 😁

covid adjacent, "new normal" feels 

@zens What if they sleep in shifts? πŸ€”


@The_Quantum_Alpha So, I didn't imagine it, then. I've had the feeling that it has become an insult for quite some time now.

covid adjacent, "new normal" feels 

@zens You just need to try harder. :) Practice makes perfect! 😁


@jendrawscomics This is one of those situations, when you can't help but look sternly at sans serif fonts. Is it Al, the Demon, or is it AI, the Artificial Intelligence.

covid adjacent, "new normal" feels 

@zens @avalon At some places all places are available to go to, mua-ha-ha! πŸ˜†

@jendrawscomics They don't show up in this tab? This does sound weird. Especially since we're on the same server and it works fine for me, so it's not a server issue. :)

@jendrawscomics Simply pin the notifications tab if you're on the web view. Mobile apps should deliver notifications by default.

3 for Windows has finally arrived! πŸ˜‚ It's been... I can't remember exactly, but several years of promises. I didn't quite believe they would make it, tbh. :)

I think I'll go try it on my Windows machine.

Not sure if I'm going to use it permanently, though, because I don't believe in jumping through hoops in order to run Windows apps on Linux. But I want to see what they've been up to. ;)

@thor Words cannot describe sensations and emotions. That's why the humanity has invented music and art.

You won't die of a blood clot. :) That would be too boring. I'm sure there is a more interesting way for you to do that. *gg*


re: Image description 

@marie_joseph @madcap I think there was a bot you could tag, and it would make a transcription? I saw it several times, but can't remember its name. :(

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