I think it's much more complex than that. Personally I tried lots of things, but only when I added the 60 min workouts was I able to get back to the weight I had in autumn of 2019. More or less.

Quarantines and lockdowns have this unfortunate effect, lots of people I know have gained weight very quickly. :( Getting rid of it is not easy.


@thor No top athlete exercises only 120 minutes a day. Say, figure skaters have at least two 1.5 hr sessions just on ice, not to mention gym, choreo etc. Top athletes exercise an awful lot. :)

Us, mortals, are a different case, of course. Personally, I exercise an hour a day on orbitrack, except on Saturday. It's realistic to keep up, albeit dull. However, it took me almost 5 months to lose ~4.5 kg. Definitely no quick result of losing 1 kg per week.

@Curator Wow! That's beautiful. I especially loved the second and the fourth ones, they look like something right out of a mystic ocean. :)

I love it when users ask questions like: "I haven't changed my password in time, what do I do?"

You go sit down and think hard about ignoring Windows daily notifications for a week, and also at least three email notifications.

Then you go and change your password when prompted.

Some people have difficulty performing even simple tasks accompanied by notifications / onscreen instructions, when it's outside of their habitual routine.

@zorinlynx Persik the Tractor has safely landed on Mars. :) It's such an emotional moment, I can't stop watching.

If only humanity would spend the resources on science and exploration instead of war, we would have apple trees on Mars in no time. :)

for Linux is seriously inferior to the Windows version. Even in small UX things such as keyboard shortcuts, which simply do not exist in the Linux version. You have to do everything with a mouse. Every single action! With a mouse!

This angers me to no end.

I would install instead of this slow shit any day. But I only have a Windows installer left from back when TC was still supported. And I don't know where to safely obtain a valid installer for Linux.

Personally, I've never had problems with secure boot. But then, the only laptop in my possession capable of that carries only Fedora, no dual boot. :)

In this particular case I'd dig around it being a separate HDD. Maybe try to change the order of devices on boot? There's something that prevents GRUB from starting, all the while the HDD itself is obviously initializing.

Out of curiosity, what is the distro? :)

My adventures with autocorrect continue. Today it corrected "Outlook" to "porn" for me.

I can't fault it for that or say that I don't agree... although you have to admit that this is a low quality porn in any case.

@stux Maybe that's the way the Fate does hints. :) I hope everything will work out the best way for you and you will get a much better job than what you were doing. You deserve better than stupid sales. 😘

@inmysocks Did you install Windows after installing Linux? Windows breaks GRUB in such scenarios.

@JLGribble I didn't think I'd ever say it here, but you're speaking out of context, and it comes off as an attack. Even if you didn't mean it like that.

Frankly, I don't care much whether it's a learned behaviour or not. My relationships are failing right now. One by one in the last ~20 years.

I don't have neither time, nor energy to see if I can re-educate an adult.

Maybe it's my own fault for attracting such people in the first place. I'd change myself, if only I knew what to change.

I'd say, those who do not feel comfortable competing now should withdraw. Nobody can force anyone to participate. There's no shame in withdrawing.

It would be a shame, though, if younger skaters actually start retiring, because an athlete's career is short. That will kill figure skating, sure thing.

Yet, these fans only make demands and do not have any realistic suggestions, except for ISU to pay for a couple of months of accommodation, meals and ice for hundreds of people in Sweden.

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ISU is being bashed by rabid fans for not cancelling the second Worlds in a row.

I'd say, it serves them right. Mostly. But I don't see any thought process from the hysterical fans, either.

I mean, they demand 2 weeks quarantine for all (athletes, coaches, officials, volunteers) + ice time to regain conditioning + for ISU to pay for all of it.

2 weeks of no practice. Okay.

They say holding Worlds now will kill figure skating. As if basically cancelling the second season in a row will not.

@JLGribble In my experience, men are usually less difficult. More simple and straightforward. Maybe that's because I don't see them as potential partners and they feel it. Or maybe I am just lucky. Who knows. :)

As a woman, I could be expected to understand other women better. But most of the time I don't. And in situations when I'm somehow expected to just know or get the subtlest of hints, and I don't, it creates unnecessary stress for all.

Women are difficult. I honestly don't understand how men handle them. :) I am a woman myself, and still am at a loss half the time.

Why does everything need to be so complicated.

@lapis Yes, yes, it's one in the morning here, and it's the best time for procrastination. πŸ˜‚

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