I planned for my to be set in autumn of 2021, with the characters getting ready for the 2022 Beijing Olympics. But with this whole covid situation I think I will have to postpone it until the next Olympic season. :)

Yes, I'm lazy, and don't want to write the pandemic into my story.

And setting it in 2025 means I will have to recalculate the whole chronology, calendar wise. 😢

@stux Had similar thing happen to me. Absolute madness. Ended up abandoning PayPal altogether. Although I will probably miss Ebay when I run out of fancy inks.


@Mayana Thanks. :) That does seem to be a joke.

I'm not in the USA, so I don't always have a full picture. And then I have to rely on American friends to confirm or disprove. :)

I hear that Trump said he's the second popular person in the world after Jesus Christ. Is that true, did he really say that? :)

@InvaderXan Basically, this helps me torture myself better. πŸ˜… I'm trying to repeat what I see in music, but often lack skill and that makes me angry at myself.

Also, previously I used to ask other people stupid things like: "What do you see in this music?" and people usually said: "Nothing. Should I?"

When I was a kid, I thought everyone saw images. Later I became convinced that I'm borderline schizophrenic or something. πŸ˜† It really made me feel better when I learned about synaesthesia.

@InvaderXan I'd say, images (or even a whole story!) over sound make things more intuitive for myself. Other people don't see what I see, and there's no logical explanation why I get some particular image.

Images over written text are usually detailed, while images over sound tend to be more... how to put it... wide brushes.

E.g. in another Chopin's nocturne I hear distant thunder and then birds in the middle part. I don't see what kind (maybe seagulls), I don't see the place. Just hear them.

@InvaderXan When it's about text, there's not much impact, because they do not interact. Chopin did not music about fire pokers, wheat fields and small white houses (all in the same nocturne). :) Although this helps when learning a new piece, because these images serve as hooks.

But when I get images over sound, this is quite different. I'd say it influences my playing to the extent where I've even argued with my teacher once, because my vision differed from the traditional interpretation. :)

@machado @InvaderXan I have something similar. I see images over sounds/music, some concepts and rather often over other visuals.

E.g. I see images over written text & sheet music (not the way it sounds, but the way it looks). My fave is a fire poker in one of the bars in Chopin's nocturne. :)

Also I see a year as a weird construction made of stairs. It's the earliest display of synaesthesia I remember.

Notes have gender. :) E.g F is male, G is female. This one is also old & progressed later.

@adamasnemesis Especially the "you have terribly offended my by the refusal" part. Especially from people who belong to the more privileged part of the society and can afford to pay for services. It's like they believe that everyone owes them. πŸ˜•

@thaha_jemni@fosstodon.org @stux They never have backups. Some would even go out of their way to turn off cloud sync, so that they could cry seven rivers when their equipment dies on them. 😑

I'm getting really tired of people who feel they are entitled to ask me to do work for them for free, who are not even my friends, and who then get offended and act all terribly hurt when I refuse.

Hel-looo! You're not family, you're not a friend, and the fact that I sometimes do volunteer work does not mean that I'm now fair game. Hire someone and pay them. No free labour. No grounds to feel offended.

Some people behave like entitled little shits, seriously.

Happy Kraken Day.

Release them. Release them now!

Just saw a woman in a sweatshirt with a caption that read: "I just want to live in peace, plant potatoes and dream."

The pretty girl at the cash register at the electronics shop was giggling and obviously thought I was flirting with her.

Which, well, I was. *gg*

Bought that 8" Huawei tablet without Google services. Decided not to register with Huawei, either, and installed almost all apps from F-Droid and some via Aurora.

What can I say. It's cheap and not very powerful specs wise, but it's fast. I wonder if that's because there is no Google stuff on it. Would not surprise me, tbh.

@sullybiker Alcoholism prevention. Have sex, not vodka.

P.S.: I do not drink vodka. Saying it just in case. :)

@dredmorbius Home timeline and pinned hashtag. Unfortunately, it has not brought me new interesting people for a long time now. Probably my instance doesn't federate enough. :) Or maybe people don't write enough introductions. :)

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