Also Liza. 😘 πŸ’–

I wish it was her to win the gold. Although these days for a girl to win silver at at 24 is a serious statement. Liza is a symbol for all of us. A reminder that nothing is lost, never.

Love her. πŸ’–

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The magpies are building a new nest instead of the last year's one which was destroyed in February (I don't know what happened, whether it was weather or the crows). This time they chose another host tree, albeit a one that grows right next to the previous.

Sorry for the image quality. It was shot in the morning and the sky was, in fact, grey.

A gingerbread I bought today at the local bakery. :)

I like to think that there's a love story behind this. πŸ’–

I don't know who made this, I stumbled upon it on the internet. But it's so accurate I can't not share. :)

This year I decided that I will be drinking only Italian wines the New Year's night, for it to work like a superstition belief, kind of. :)

Nothing fancy, of course (don't have that kind of money to spend πŸ˜…). But still, this spumante was good, and we enjoyed this small home celebration. 🍾

I have a confession to make.

Several years ago, when I was on an excursion in Cricova wineyard in Moldova, I stole this. πŸ˜…

So sad to hear that Sean Connery has passed away. Even though personally I prefer Pierce Brosnan as James Bond, Sean Connery was and will always stay a truly huge legend.

My sister sent me this photo of a portrait of herself that one of her patients in the hospital drew for her. :)

Children have always liked her. I remember how several years ago she used to ride to the hospital on a motorbike, and the kids would wait at the windows to greet her. Probably because none of other doctors rode a bike, and it was so cool to them. :)

My beloved cat died today.

We had been fighting tongue cancer since late February, and we lost.

I had to agree to euthanasia to stop his sufferings. It was quick and peaceful.

He would've turned 13 in 3 weeks.

My dear kitten. My delight. Be happy up there on the rainbow, where all cats go. Maybe, some day we'll meet yet again.

I still can't believe it, oh my god...

There's, of course, a monument to IL-2 (Ilyushin-2) in Samara.

Unfortunately, I was not able to reach it (got a little bit lost, but that's another story :)), so I'll post a picture by another person.

Here it is, the legendary "flying tank" of the WWII - an airplane with phenomenal survivance.

During my last years' trip to Samara I visited the museum of the Samara State University of Aviation and Space.

The museum might not seem very big floor space wise, but it has an exceptionally rich & extensive collection. I spent almost 3 hours looking & taking pictures.

Here's a copy of a telegram that was sent to two aircraft factories half a year after Hitler attacked the USSR. Just so you could have a grasp on the amount of strain put on the country.

Ahead lay 4 years of bloody war.

My friends are going strong building their on a tree across my living room window. :)

They've been at it for about 3 weeks now. At first it did look like they've chosen a wrong tree, because they just couldn't lock in those first twigs, and had lost at least four days on that "basement". But they would come back every morning and start from the scratch.

And now look, the nest is almost ready! :)

I need your expertise, please. :)

Could you identify this plant? It's a gift, and I don't know how to care for it. And am kind of shy to ask the person who brought it.

literally. πŸ˜‚

In Brazil a woman pushed a priest off the stage when he said that fat women were not going to Heaven.

This is an endangered Persian . I made this photo in the Rosa Khutor area.

They call this place an aviary reserve. It's maintained by the Caucasus Nature Reserve specialists. There they put animals and birds that cannot be returned to nature (e.g. were found injured etc.)

It's not quite a zoo, although you obviously can visit. We had to walk on foot at ~30 Celsius for about half an hour to get there. One needs to be determined. :) (in Russian only atm, sorry)

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