A user has reached to us and asked that we check if all updates on her laptop were installed correctly.

When asked, she did clarify, that a Microsoft Office update has installed itself recently, and everything continued to work fine. Which made her suspicious.

@SeventhMagpie This user has good instincts and should consider retraining as a sysadmin

@ghost_bird @SeventhMagpie ESPECIALLY if they already can deal with management and explain ideas, understand how to "sell" concepts to others, can delegate, and know how to say "no."

Many sysadmins have to learn those things on the job, and as many are needed for "first impression" things when working with management - or management will just "roll on past not listening" - those skills and ability to recognize when something may be wrong despite it "working" - that would benefit everyone.

The "no" thing, that's for self-preservation, they need that skill if they're going to do any sort of sysadmin work.

Anyway: Bravo to the user. Consider talking to them more about their experiences (:

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