So there we are. Three golden medals at out of four. An all-Russian podium in Ladies (I don't remember that ever in my life, tbh), 1-st and 3-rd in Pairs, 1-st in Ice Dance. The only discipline we still lack in is Men (thanks to eternal Plushenko for that, it will take time to fix the damage).

That's what I was talking about. That's what all the screeching and demands of ban were actually about. They were better ready because of relatively normal competitive season. That's all.

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Also. Alexandra is absolutely fantastic. A Terminator. :) I can't remember anyone go from 12-th place in SP to 1-st in FP and bronze medal overall.

I have something like that happen to one of the characters in my novel, but not to that low a point. :) Besides, it's fiction. And Alexandra is a reality.

Also Liza. 😘 💖

I wish it was her to win the gold. Although these days for a girl to win silver at at 24 is a serious statement. Liza is a symbol for all of us. A reminder that nothing is lost, never.

Love her. 💖

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