Sometimes I wish that I could've stayed at somewhere around 32-35 years old, and then lived for about hundred years till the end of my life without getting any older. :)

I could've gone places and lived elsewhere, could've met people and fallen in love, and generally enjoyed the life. I would've had time.

It's so sad that people get old. All our society is built around youth, it's turned it into a cult. And it often seems that there is less and less place for you while you're getting older.

@SeventhMagpie I liked my mid-thirties. It was a good time. It doesn't seem that long ago, but I'm only a couple of years off 50 😞

@sullybiker Yes, just the perfect time. :) Not young and stupid anymore, not too old and grumpy yet. Life's generally set and you can just enjoy it. :)

@SeventhMagpie It was still another time and place for me. Another country, another life. But still feels very recent. I think that's a trick of aging, 10-20 years feels very recent.


@sullybiker Oh yes... :) It seems like it was yesterday. Like that time with Sviatoslav Richter, where I still thought it was 10 years since his death, while it was already 20. Personal memories also like to play this trick. And if you don't look in the mirror, it can feel like you're still 20 yourself. :)

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@SeventhMagpie It does. I'm told this feeling doesn't really stop. Only recently have I felt myself slowing down but a lot of that is covid confinement and not really doing much.

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