Lately I've been feeling sudden tug to get back to the novel I started during NaNo'2010 and have abandoned since then, unfinished. And I do mean sudden. Characters started coming to me in dreams, as if trying to shame me. :) Scenes were appearing in my head out of blue and out of order.

On Friday I gave up and went digging for my old working materials for that novel. :)

Yesterday I spent ~3 hours straightening out the chaos of my old manuscript, notes, research etc.

Something was definitely lost, because I remember at least two research points that are not there now (how long does it take to heal a broken arm, and what is required for an unaccompanied minor to be let on an international flight).

Decided to rename one of the major supporting characters and make him a Kazakh. :)

Also, not entirely sure on who is/are the main character(s). 😂

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I was able to uncover the very first, unedited manuscript of that novel from NaNo'10! Wow! I thought it was lost forever.

In later versions I made lots of cuts and edits, changed the main characters' lifestyles and, well, characters. Removed some of them. Changed almost all names.

It's really fascinating to see, how moving some accents and changing characters a bit results in an entirely new story out of basically the same plot.

I feel awesome. :)

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The initial telling was lighter, more naive. More simple, more straightforward. Partly because it was NaNoWriMo and speed mattered. And partly because I myself was younger then and still hoping for my own happily ever after.

Still, reading that old manuscript now I can say it was not bad at all. There's logic, there's motion, and some pieces of dialogue make me nod in approval even 10 years later. I do enjoy reading it. :)

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The plot is set in year 2021, and the main idea is homophobia in figure skating.

And the funny thing is, when I was initially writing it in 2010, I was uncertain if that would even be relevant by 2021. I thought that, likely, all homophobia would be extinct by then, thus making my story impossible.

Like I said, naive. :)

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The current version is more bitter. Characters have more dysfunctional relationships, the whole setting is darker. They fight, cheat and lie. None of them has a completely positive personality now. No happily ever after.

I seriously reworked it from the original draft between 2014 and 2018 (yes, I'm that slow), when it already was obvious that humanity is not getting any better.

And, of course, I have become older and more bitter myself, which translated onto the characters.

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@SeventhMagpie It's so interesting reading about this project of yours. Thanks for sharing it with us!

@adamasnemesis Come to think of it, I have no one else to share it with. :)

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