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Dear neighbours. Anyone else, operating phrases like "Russian trolls", "kremlinbots" and other general dehumanising concepts, please step forward, so I could block you. Thank you in advance and sorry for the inconvenience. I'm not having this shit again here. There's Twitter for that.

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Now, suppose it's time to make :)

I'm an amateur classical . Started learning properly at 34 and cannot imagine stopping any time soon. Love Fryderyk . Admire Arthur and Emil , and am trying to model my playing on them (extremely arrogant, I know πŸ˜…).

I love and am enslaved to two of them. Love , ships & books about sea adventures. enthusiast. Love fountain pens. :)

I speak , and now study

"Sasha", said the accountant, approaching me with a smile. "May I ask you an intimate question?"

"How intimate?"

"Why do you never wear skirts?"


What is it with skirts in this office these days? Did I miss some memo or something? Why is everyone suddenly obsessed with them?

Receiving birthday texts instead of calls kind of... hurts.

Am I the only one who keeps hearing "Les Temps des Cathedrales" in her head?

Today I paid attention to this billboard. It's for a furniture shop.

A headless woman. With spread legs and deep skirt cut. Furniture.

I'm so much annoyed by the people on the bus who stay seated up until the moment the driver closes the doors and starts moving away from the bus stop. And then they jump up and run to the driver demanding he stops the bus, because they need to get off at this very stop.

Added bonus if they have been loudly talking on the phone throughout the whole ride.

Every time I tell a user: "Your password should be at least 10 symbols long", I have then to fight the urge to add: "... and 8 symbols wide". :)

Dear neighbours, please tell me about your siblings?

One thing especially interests me: do you have any music (maybe coupled with a particular memory) associated with your sibling?

Recently I caught myself sometimes replaying one scene in my mind.

A bright summer day. Together with my sister we're flying down the interstate in my car, but she's driving. Audiosystem is on, and we're both screaming along: "I was cryin' when I met you, now I'm tryin' to forget you!" And laughing, laughing...

At the side of the road I go every day there's a billboard with a headless (but of course!) photo of a woman in an evening gown with an endless skirt cut, pretending to play a cello.

I've seen it for million times, but I still don't know what's being advertised.

Because the only thing I notice is that she holds the bow incorrectly! :)

I've had longish hair for so long, that two weeks later I'm routinely still trying to take off a hairgrip before going to bed. :)

Aarghh! Windows 10! Would you kindly go and quietly die somewhere?!

Why do I get bundled with it! Why does it need to start updating itself at the worst possible moment, without as much as asking!

Okay. Okay. I'm calm. I don't want to throw that laptop out the window.

Effin Microsoft...

Oh, and by the way. Today I have bought a self-teaching textbook to finally start learning . :)

Walking through the park, I saw an old woman sitting on a bench. She was holding a battered book in her left hand and reading aloud poetry I couldn't recognise.

Two sparrows are sitting outside my window making faces at me.

I see that @Tusky has improved greatly. Automatic day/night switch, pick up where you left off on the timeline... And it looks very neat, the best looking app for Mastodon. Almost perfect. If only it had the ability to fetch my Twitter timeline... lol

But seriously. I see that lots of work has been done and lots of efforts. Thank you!

Local colleagues' reaction to my new hairstyle was predictable.

"Did you decide to change your style?"
(What does it look like?)

"That's a bold decision."
(That was the point.)

"Do you not regret cutting your hair?"

"You should start wearing skirts."
(It's not your business what I chose to wear. And no. I don't wear skirts.)

Have I said recently how I hate Windows 10? It makes switching between big monitor and the laptop's own screen as difficult as possible. Correct resolution is only achieved after reboot. Fonts look ugly until, once again, you reboot in your current resolution. Older apps' and newer apps' UI look like absolute mess. Ugh!

Window 7 looked better, and I've never had any issue switching between working at the office with an external monitor and on the laptop on the go.

The first that has started growing these... I don't even know how they are called in English. :) It's like some proto branches.

Anyway. The most important thing is that it's growing! Upwards! :)

So I went and cut my hair even shorter. And I mean - really short. Shaved nape and all. Dyed it bright burgundy, too.

When I look in the mirror, I don't recognise myself. But I rather like that person, tbh. :) She looks confident and sassy. I like that.

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