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I'm Zee, I'm a Melbourne based artist, and I mainly draw pastel coloured animal people. If you like my work, please consider following me and checking me out elsewhere!

I'm going to be trying Mastodon out as my primary Social Media for a while, so we'll see how we go!



I've been sitting on this for over a month now as I couldn't post it until Christmas - but here's a gift I did for SNAPPAKAPPA ( ) as part of a secret santa exchange I joined with friends.

A little something I threw together for Kraden ( ) for his birthday. An absolute sweetheart and a lovely guy - how could I not draw him something?

We've got music, I'm on the mic, and I'm working on personal art! All set up for a six hour stream -

The YCH pieces I did for my trashy month of ended up looking really good. One of them even got a version that I can show entirely - the others just get crops though, for your safety.

Many thanks to CarniFuu ( ), SeriesOfBeeps ( ), and Gnollinahole for buying! 😌

Sometimes you owe a friend art, and the only thing they'll accept is an extremely thicc unicorn as payment 😀

A quick little PWYW Ko-Fi commission that I took in-stream for xinxin11518 ( )! Xin is a real soft looking cutie and it was a fun little thing to do for them :3

This goober is my latest D&D character - he's a Tabaxi Divination Wizard, though less an actual Tabaxi and actually a young man who's been the long suffering victim of a baleful polymorph.

🎢 ~ My heart and hands collide, the gun lays at my side. Too late to turn back - only fates left to decide ~ 🎢

Last year I had the absolute joy of doing an art trade with meroaw ( ), and I was given the privelege of getting to draw Xavio.

I tapped into my inner teenager with this, as I drew my first proper dragon in years ;o;

To go with Isabelle earlier this year, I also did this little pic of Kicks. And as an absolute goblin man, I also wrote those words on his tank top.

By carbon dating my original tweet ( ) of this piece, we can determine that I actually predicted Isabelle being a day drinker by a number of weeks.


Okay, well...I did do another pic of Kazooie, for my friend knotfurry ( )'s birthday. A terrible, awful meme drawing.

If you know me at all, you'll know I adore Banjo-Kazooie. Last year I drew these goobers, and loved them so much I made a sticker sheet out of these pics.

I should draw more of these two, they're so much fun ;o;

A pic of my friend hg ( )'s character, Kaja Nimblefoot- whomst I love a lot. Another one I did last year but never submitted outside of Twitter. She's an ulf, a race of fox-like folk in an original setting we're putting together!

Some assorted icons I did in 2019 that I was particularly proud of. The first one was for myself, but the rest were for:
- hg ( )
- carnival ( )
- EmersonVosal ( )
- dogcore ( )

Designing more trash furry pins to go with my original cursed creations.

Behold my terrible creations, and their original precursor for an idea on what to expect.

Designing more trash furry pins to go with my original cursed creations.

Behold my terrible creations, and their original precursor for an idea on what to expect.

A lot of my thumbnails for Inktober have just gravitated towards a fantasy/D&D theme and I'm honestly tempted to make the whole series just that πŸ‘€

Prepping for Inktober by thumbnailing my planned images during my lunchbreaks.

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