has a sinister underside.

I catch a bug, maybe a couple fish, plant a tree, and BAM. 4 hours have gone by.

As I'm working on my fantasy setting/game world I'm thinking about what to include in the book and what to keep out.

* Introduction (obviously)

* The world of midfar

(Which includes worldmap, myths and legends and information about the gods)

* Core races

* (And finally) The kingdoms of Midfar

It's not gonna be like a gamemaster's guide, but rather a light introduction to the world.

Do you got any ideas for anything I have to add?

@MalevolentRaven lol it does have a unique sound that can lend itself to a few weird things haha.

Another test - I guess this one will stay as it is, spent various days on it. Made it with great @opensource application - super glitchy and buggy though :(

Star Wars was another major factor in my joy for orchestral music haha. Listened to those soundtracks constantly throughout my life.

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In reference to my prior thread, orchestral music has always been big for me because of my love for cartoons too.

Growing up, I loved the way they used music in Looney Tunes, Disney, and basically any other animated thing.

All that to say, music is a big part of my family.

Just a small story and reflection on some memories :)

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After my uncle Eric died, I started playing French Horn in 5th grade. I had a naturally talented ear, having a great tone and sense of notes. But I struggled a lot with timing. Rhythm has always been my weak point.

I played all the way into college, and was able to grow in my skill to the point where I was able to play in a concert with my Dad.

I still wasn't great, but I'm glad I was able to do that with my Dad before he died. I think he was proud of me, and glad we did it together.

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My Dad's Dad, my Grandpa, was a conductor, music teacher, drama director, and woodwind tutor of every instrument. My Dad's brother Eric played French Horn professionally.

The three of them used to play this game where they'd guess what classical piece was playing on the radio without having heard the DJ.

My Dad got it right every time, and was fast at it. He usually was able to tell you the symphony and movement as well.

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I grew up listening to so called "classical" music because my parents were professional classical musicians. Dad played Oboe, and Mom Flute. They had a lot of duets together.

But I more grew up around the music than really understood it. Recently I've been trying to study and know it more and better. It's unfortunate my parents are no longer around for a number of reasons, but in this case because I would have been able to learn so much from them in an instant about this subject.

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Over the past week or so I've been listening to music from the Classical Period.

Overall I'd say I like it more than Baroque, although I do like Baroque, it's just very tame. I enjoy the exciting Classical works. A bit more dramatic.

Enjoy Vivaldi, but I'm looking forward to more brass in later periods.

Today I've been listening to Christian Cannabich.

Admittedly it is a bit disappointing to have all of this stuff going on during my birthday. Hard to see many friends in the midst of world chaos.

But I'm still grateful to be here, and to have so many great friends and family who are still with me even if we're not together. 😊

COVID19 Reference, but positive 

Last night's sunset during the vernal . This is one of two days of the year that the sun sets in the notch in the mountains precisely due west of us.

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