What happens?

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I think one of my favorite parts of this was picking the palette for it.

It's funny, I'm a storyboard artist, but I really like making bright and colorful things too ^_^

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Who's got the sweetest disposition?

One guess, that's who… :thinking_rotate:

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A handful of alternate ideas, WIPs, and sketches of the Mastodon .Art Artist before they became the little character we know and love in our corner today. @CuratorClassic simply named the character the .art Artist, I believe, if I recall correctly.

Still love the work I did on this. One of my favorite jobs I've done :mastohi: πŸ˜†

@WandelStock @welshpixie I just love mountains and forests, so all of the tours you have been on sound like a lot of fun! My family used to vacation around the white mountains when I was very young. And the mountains in and around Greenville are beautiful too! :D

What a collection of colorful mountains you have. It sounds like you go on some wonderful adventures :)

@Atsuko Haha that sounds fun, but also like it kind of gets in the way. These gloves are so great! Seems like you might get even more sweaty wearing them though lol.

Having fun drawing maps for work today. I didn't expect to be doing this, but I'm enjoying it!

@welshpixie @WandelStock Oh I bet that was amazing! We have black forest cake in the states too, but I doubt it's anywhere near as good haha.

@WandelStock on a different subject, have you been to the Black Forest (is it called Schwarzwald)? It is a place I want to visit very much.

I have always enjoyed fairy tales and so many come from there. And many things in the US are named after the Black Forest. I imagine it must be beautiful!

@WandelStock I like that! :) These are the kind of friendly things we need more of in our world.

@WandelStock About a year ago, children in our neighborhood would leave rocks like this by people's mailboxes to find. They would all be painted uniquely. Kind of fun to find! :)

Do you use a drafting glove when you draw digitally with a tablet?

Why or why not?

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