A handful of alternate ideas, WIPs, and sketches of the Mastodon .Art Artist before they became the little character we know and love in our corner today. @CuratorClassic simply named the character the .art Artist, I believe, if I recall correctly.

Still love the work I did on this. One of my favorite jobs I've done :mastohi: πŸ˜†

And FINALLY!!! To wrap up the entire 10 year journey (it's been a long 10 years, guys).

2020: The Stone Drake - experimenting with coloring and lighting styles. I really love this drawing, because it's what I wished I could do as a kid. Still much to learn, but I'm happy😁

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2015: A book illustration of my friend who wrote the book. She was supposed to wake up screaming in a morgue with a smoking mailbox. The mailbox exploded. I forgot to draw the smoke, partly because I couldn't think of how to draw it at the time.

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2014: Brush pen corgi drawing. Got really into brush pens at this time :) I need to use them again. They're fun!

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Today I'm going to post one art piece per year, going back 10 years. That's how long I've seriously been pursuing art.

A thread.

2011: The first thing I ever colored digitally.
"Captain AmeriKid"

I did the thing.

Thanks to FromHappyRock (on twitter) for sharing and inspiring me to make this, and thanks to ivycave (also twitter) for making the original template and meme! Never got to do it before so I wanted to now 😁

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