has a sinister underside.

I catch a bug, maybe a couple fish, plant a tree, and BAM. 4 hours have gone by.

Happy that social distancing has nothing against me playing alone in the back yard with my dog XD

Here's a throwback, to brighten up your Thursday with pictures of my dog Tibbs as a puppy :)

He'd happily meet all of you if he could :D

I gave my dog, Sgt. Tibbs, a bunch of toilet paper tubes, and he's never been happier. I thought I'd spread the happiness around. 😊

How could you not see the links? πŸ–

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Turns out I was watching the wrong Oscars. No wonder I didn’t understand any of your tweets.

πŸ¦πŸ”—: twitter.com/confusenthuse/stat

I'm putting lots of things in boxes right now, and my corgi is losing his mind. He is pumped!

I just found out I'm Captain America! This is literally my story and what I've told countless friends. My Dad was a Brooklyn Dodgers fan and became a Mets fan.

After years of being a fan of the design and story of Overwatch, I FINALLY got the game. I'm excited to find I really like playing it too. I've never been an FPS player, so I wasn't sure if I would.

My pastor if he were in a comic book I guess? That's how it turned out anyway πŸ˜… So dramatic.

A drawing from the inspiring and generous Matt Braly. Can't thank you enough for the time and the drawing! Was so great to meet and talk with you @Radrappy@twitter.com 😁

All of the creators had great things to say on Klaus, and @MattWilliames@twitter.com had an inspiring story about animating the boatman, Mogens.

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β€œAs I was animating Mogens, something about him seemed very familiar. And then I was like, β€˜Oh! That’s my dad!’”

πŸ¦πŸ”—: twitter.com/Animation_Force/st

Just saw a screening of Klaus at CTNx hosted by the creators. I love this film more every time I see it.

A flour sack animation exercise I worked on over the weekend. Wanted to make it seem like it was thinking.

Very happy with my bike rides the end of this week. Went for shorter, faster rides for higher averages. Did 8 miles on Thursday and Friday, and had a 16.0 mph average both days!

Per @Curator's suggestion of a new hashtag, I'm an ! πŸ˜ƒ

My name's Christopher, and I'm a storyboard artist currently available for work. I draw boards as a freelancer for commercials and film.

I am looking for work as a board artist/revisionist in TV animation, commercial and film.

Portfolio: birnbaumcc.com/christopher

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