I think 25 degrees F (-3.9 C) is my new personal record low bike riding temperature. Sheets of ice and freezing winds suck.

I still prefer it to riding in the wet snow a few weeks ago though.

@virtualwolf Fortunately it's gotten warmer around here. Yesterday and today 40 F (4.4 C) has felt SO much better πŸ˜‚

@ScribbleAddict Meanwhile, here in Sydney the forecast for where I live today is 44 degrees CELSIUS. 😫

@virtualwolf wow, glad I mentioned Celsius. Didn't realize you are in Australia. I just heard yesterday you have the opposite temperature problem there right now lol. That is HOT!

Meanwhile we always hope for a white Christmas lol what a different world it is here and there. It reminds me of being in different dimensions. Are you in the Peter Parker Spider-Man Universe or the Miles Morales Spider-Man universe? Maybe Gwen Stacy?

@virtualwolf I remember it once got to about 45.6 c here and we were playing a volleyball tournament that day. My friend had a candle in the car and it was liquid. Hope you're staying safe!

@ScribbleAddict Damn! That's some serious extremes of temperature, we generally don't get down into the negative temperatures at least, haha.

We've also have the problem of everything being on fire, the bushfire season has been horrendous this year. :( Check out this interactive graphic The Guardian put together and plug in your city into the map to get an overlay of how much has burnt in the bushfires so far compared to it:

@virtualwolf these fires are just awful. I've been hearing a lot about them. It's just terrible how much land, and how many homes have been destroyed :(

@ScribbleAddict Yeah, it's completely insane, and this isn't the normal start of our bushfire season either. :\

@ScribbleAddict Wet snow will make anybody question why they don't live in the tropics.

@charleskenny It's true! I wish I was in Hawaii right now XD But I guess I sort of always want that.

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