🔹 How to Train your Komodo Dragon
🔹 Captain America: Civil War Reenactment
🔹 Beauty Influencer & the Beast
🔹 Frozen Food
🔹 Harry Potter & the order of the Phoenix, AZ

@katwylder Wow those changed completely lol. Can't fly a Komodo dragon. And Cap's suddenly finding himself in the past, rather than the future lol.

@ScribbleAddict Mostly, I thought those two movies would be incredibly boring to watch. 😂

@katwylder @ScribbleAddict

maybe not really original:
(came from other movie)

Driving over miss daisy

Sex Toy Story
Gone with the Windshield
Terminator III: Rise of the Coffee Machines

@ScribbleAddict Schindler's Shopping List, Avengers Assemble Lego, Kill Electricity Bill.

@ScribbleAddict Oh, dear. This is going to keep me awake.
Clicking Jaws, Dead Poet's Building Society, Man of Steel Wool, To Sir with Love Handles.

Rear car window
Star Trek - The search for new Spock (obviously a casting show)
The wrath of Shah Rukh Khan
Star Trek: Discovery Channel
Batman Begins Therapy

@Mopsi HAHA Star Trek: Discovery Channel and Batman Begins Therapy are great. Search for New Spock is great too. These are all really good 😂

@ScribbleAddict The Matrix Revisited Grandma

The Matrix French Revolutions

@BalooUriza Haha who knew the Matrix was such a sweet grandchild. Makes the French revolution so different too.

@ScribbleAddict Which French revolution? Hasn't there been like, 5?

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