PSA: Boosting costs nothing, and is a super great way to help people out.

Also! It won't appear in the local timeline, just to your followers, so you won't be spamming.

Also, also! Anyone who wants can hide boosts from people they are following. Then you don't have to see boosts anymore if you don't want to.

Everybody wins!

@ScribbleAddict I like the "hide boosts from people I'm following" feature and have used it a number of times! I wish it were a little easier to access though (I feel like it'd be at home in the little "..." popup menu below the post in the feeds, instead of having to leave and go to the person's profile page). I imagine that is a very upper-level thing to implement, though. Just my 2️⃣ cents.


@AesAthena Yeah, that makes sense. I agree it's a little hard to find. It makes sense to be on individual user's pages from the standpoint of that's whose content you're controlling, but I totally see where you're coming from. I would say that goes all the way to the top, with Eugen. Not sure if we could alter that on .art.

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