Did someone say art community? We've got that. Mastodon.Art is a community by and for artists.

No algorithms. No ads. No bots. Friendly moderation and content warnings for triggering content and spoilers.

It doesn't hurt to try it out. I love it there πŸ˜„

This was a little post I made for Twitter, since people seem to be leaving there again. But I suppose it could be spread around here as well haha.

@ScribbleAddict why I DID call on digital artists! (Mostly joking, but definitely interested)

@brandon I apologize, but I'm not quite sure I understand what you're saying πŸ˜… But if you're interested in signing up for .art, we're open for signups right now, but accounts do need to be approved (to catch spam).

@ScribbleAddict Sorry, I'm just being opportunistic!

I'm preparing to self-publish an infosec ezine that's going to feature art from security-minded artists focusing on data privacy and large-scale data leaks. The art will take inspiration from the NSA security propaganda posters from last year* and will try to put a modern-day twist on it.


@brandon What an awesome idea! I won't stand in the way. I don't mind people asking me to pass things along. To much is given, much is asked. I feel grateful to be a part of this community everyday.

And I'm all for security and privacy, as well as free speech advocacy. I will happily pass this along to my followers. πŸ˜„

@ScribbleAddict Wow thank you so much for your generosity! I'll be posting updates (hopefully twice a week) relating to the project and once I have a timeline, I'll probably start working on a website for it.

Maybe the end of september timeline isn't very realistic, but at least nothing's been really formalized...yet :P

@brandon seems like a go with the flow sort of thing. As hype grows you might be able to get things rolling more quickly. But maybe you'll have to wait for it to catch on for a bit? I wish you luck! And you're welcome. πŸ˜„

@ScribbleAddict Alright, I've got a nice document detailing stuff about the project and I'm kinda looking for some folk to help with it. I hope it isn't /too/ hard to convince some :P

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