OK, what are people reading recently? I just started reading on Web Toon, but also got a bunch of books recently too. Let's talk about what we're reading!

I LOVE the new Sonic The Hedgehog IDW series. I just got the first two trades. They look as good as Sonic comics ever have. Very pleased!

I also just started Animosity, which is like a sentient animal apocalypse and it seems great. (

Also read volume 1 of Space Boy, and like that a lot too.

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Space Boy is kind of sad but also hopeful, and it's got good characters. I'm interested to read more. Sci-fi in a more everyday way, and not in an epic end of the universe way. There needs to be more like this.

@guephren Nice! I'm excited to look into these. I love Lackadaisy. One of the most inspiring artists I've come across. She's incredible.

She is incredible! Incredible thorough with all her work, from composition, to lighting, to the amount of details crammed into each panel.


@guephren yes, so much amazing detail! And I love the expressions! They are so, so solid.

@ScribbleAddict The best comic I’ve found in a while is Shōwa: A History of Japan, a manga following the entire Shōwa era (the reign of Hirohito, from 1926-89)

It weaves together autobiography and history very well to give a sense of what it’s like to grow up in this environment and be shipped off in the death cult of a military

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