I just want to give a public shoutout to @wordsmith who is in search of fellow poets to connect with here on Mastodon.

Like many of you, they have come here looking for creative freedom after the Tumblr crumble.

If you are a poet, or know any poets who would be interested in connecting with Wordsmith, please don't hesitate to reach out to them or reply to this toot.

Thanks! 😄

@ScribbleAddict @wordsmith Appologies for my density, but what's the Tumblr crumble?

@meg @ScribbleAddict They decided to ban all "adult content" and then started flagging countless blog entries that had no such content. Alongside this they were completely silent on the swarm of porn bots on the site, which are plaguing the platform. I have no interest in being part of a kindergarten so left tumblr and found the Fediverse!

@wordsmith @meg yes, wordsmith pretty much summed it up. Many left tumblr because it seemed like a stifling of free expression. A good portion of those came here.

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