Someone on birbsite complaining about Apple, because their downloaded movies disappeared. Apple's response was basically: "we don't carry those films anymore; have two free movie rentals."

This is why I don't trust digital only media, and this is why I hate iTunes. If I really care about what I'm buying, I buy it on disc. You just can't trust digital only media. Amazon isn't much different from Apple in this regard.

@ScribbleAddict I only trust digital media that I can download and have on my hard drive without needing a specific app to play it.

@adamk678 Yes! That exactly. If they gave me full freedom and use of it, I'd be a lot more likely to trust it. But needing to be connected to the internet to use it, or having to use their proprietary player, and be limited on how many or what devices I can use, then nope. I bought it, I should be able to use it where and when I want to. I think that's partly how Apple tricks you. You don't actually buy from them. You rent from them (for life most of the time).

@ScribbleAddict Same goes for netflix. Having netflix won't be a reason for me to stop buying dvds of movies/tv shows I love.
If it's a movie or tv show that I only will watch one time, because of "just because", then it's fine in my case.

@julloyart Yeah, I totally agree! Netflix is really helpful for long shows, or movies I want to see once, but know I won't want to own or buy. Sometimes, though, I like to watch my favorite movies on Netflix, or put them on in the background, even when I already own them, because people pay attention to ratings on Netflix. Sometimes it matters how many views things get :D

@ScribbleAddict I rip the disks and keep the digital copy backed up. I think breaking DRM is technically illegal but conscience is clear on that one...

@ScribbleAddict I don't know if there's been a story of Google doing this, but I'm pretty sure that it *has* happened.

@ScribbleAddict I consider anything streaming that I buy to be a "rental" even if it _says_ that I bought it... I just bought the ability to re-rent the movie for free until they decide to no longer rent me the movie.

Films that I know I will be wanting to watch again in the future, I've gone back to buying on DVD/Blue-Ray (then ripping to the NAS for backup)

@lordbowlich I think that's wise. I only rarely buy things digitally myself because of that exact reason. Much safer to have a physical copy which is also backed up digitally.

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