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Hi! I'm Christopher, and I'm a storyboard artist looking for work in TV animation. I'm available now for board artist or revisionist work.


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Hello, friends! I'm a storyboard artist currently working in commercials, but looking for work in TV animation as a board artist/revisionist. Find me everywhere as @ScribbleAddict


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One of the greatest things about Mastodon.Art is our community! We're a community by and for artists.

Keep up with the community by following the local timeline. You can pin timelines, as many as you want, so that they appear every time you sign in.

Look for the Local Timeline in the "Getting Started Menu."

And as always, feel free to ask for help :) We're a friendly community here.

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If you're new here on Mastodon.Art, an introduction post and updating your profile are a good way to start.

Your intro post doesn't have to be anything specific, but you can tell people what you like, what you do, or why you're here. Common interests can help start conversations and let people know why to follow you.

If you have any questions, we have a great owner and team here: @Curator, @ChrisTalleras, @emergencybattle, @adamk678 and myself.

Welcome to the community πŸ˜„ :mastohi:

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So excited that we were finally able to share the Mastodon Artist with y'all today. I had a ton of fun making him. :) It was an honor, and I was very happy to make our place a little more unique. I have to admit, I put a little of myself into the design, although this character is meant to be androgynous and represent us all :)

Obi-Wan: Don't Luke, it's too dangerous!

Luke: *stands at a refrigerator, about to put a can of coke in the freezer.

Why does every website on the internet think my name is Logan? That's not my name.

I'm both curious, and cautiously interested in this new Mario game. Bowser's Fury...but what is it, exactly?

I wanted to share here for Portfolio Day, but I'm a day late. Hi there, I'm Christopher! I'm a storyboard artist looking for work in TV animation. I'm available now for board artist or revisionist work.


Welcome to my book recommendation hour, where you tell me what sort of book you’d like to read, and I suggest The Blue Castle.

It feels so good to draw on paper again. Nothing else like it!

Day half gone;
Not much drawn;
No wood sawn;
Nap time, yawn.

Being in LA for fall, I find that I really don't miss it. Hoping being out here helps with the seasonal depression.

The irony of all these technology updates is that they promise huge upgrades to network, display and everything else, but I already feel what I have is nearly flawless. We're at the point now where updates are almost beyond what human beings can actually perceive.

NYCC Online: Catch up with Crunchyroll Originals for its 2020 season of original content, including previews of Onyx Equinox and three WEBTOON coproductions!

Hey everyone πŸ‘‹ I'm Anvi, a hobby artist currently living in Vienna. Super excited to join this instance and connect with other artists ❀️ I love urban sketching and drawing people. I also like making silly doodles. PM me your favorite mastodon artists 🌟

I was reading about the inception of daylight savings time, and was astonished to find that it was proposed by a man who wanted more daylight in summer to catch bugs.

And then I realized that's literally what I've done with my Switch so I can catch bugs in Animal Crossing.

Really been enjoying bullet journaling lately. It really helps me stay on task and remember things. Plus it's fun! Can you tell what my favorite color is? 😜

I think packing and all of the lifting from the move, along with 3 days of driving cross country, has caught up to me today. Utterly exhausted. Every muscle is sore. Today is a recovery day.

Looks like Burbank's going to be our new home. Very happy about this :D

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