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Hi there! I'm a storyboard artist currently working in commercials, but looking for work in TV animation as a board artist/revisionist.


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One of the greatest things about Mastodon.Art is our community! We're a community by and for artists.

Keep up with the community by following the local timeline. You can pin timelines, as many as you want, so that they appear every time you sign in.

Look for the Local Timeline in the "Getting Started Menu."

And as always, feel free to ask for help :) We're a friendly community here.

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If you're new here on Mastodon.Art, an introduction post and updating your profile are a good way to start.

Your intro post doesn't have to be anything specific, but you can tell people what you like, what you do, or why you're here. Common interests can help start conversations and let people know why to follow you.

If you have any questions, we have a great owner and team here: @Curator, @ChrisTalleras, @emergencybattle, @adamk678 and myself.

Welcome to the community πŸ˜„ :mastohi:

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I have to admit that I often forget about this feature of Mastodon myself, but it can be very helpful to the visually impaired to add a description to the image you post to Mastodon.

We like to try to include everyone here. I'm going to try to be better about remembering this. :)

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So excited that we were finally able to share the Mastodon Artist with y'all today. I had a ton of fun making him. :) It was an honor, and I was very happy to make our place a little more unique. I have to admit, I put a little of myself into the design, although this character is meant to be androgynous and represent us all :)

Once more for the folks in back:

your productivity β‰  your value

You can't even tell it's a dog. It looks like a yellow pair with a face on it, surrounded by hair.

Mao Mao: Heroes of Pure Heart is seriously stellar. Anyone else watching it with me?!


With opinion posts going around let’s try for positivity!!! What’s something you absolutely unabashedly love and want to scream about???


Gah, I'm desperate for an Appletun and I still don't have one. T_T I was convinced Sword was the right one to get and found I was wrong at the last possible second. πŸ‰

I do this thing where any band or singer I hear about that I'm curious to check out, I drop into one massive playlist over time, and then go and listen to it sorted by title, A-Z, while I work on stuff. I find a lot of good music that way.

My step mom asked for a "Christmas Lamp" for Christmas, and all and I can think of is the leg lamp from A Christmas Story. β›„

I think 25 degrees F (-3.9 C) is my new personal record low bike riding temperature. Sheets of ice and freezing winds suck.

I still prefer it to riding in the wet snow a few weeks ago though.

My pastor if he were in a comic book I guess? That's how it turned out anyway πŸ˜… So dramatic.

Growing up hoping to be like Luke Skywalker, I never imagined I'd turn out like C-3PO.

Switching my printer/copier/scanner from "Stun" to "Kill."

I have this problem of always reading SO (Significant Other) as Shout Out in my head.

Anyone else have the wrong abbreviation ingrained into your head so you read it wrong every time you see it at first?

Update to an old design.

Hope you've all found the time to enjoy a mince pie.

A drawing from the inspiring and generous Matt Braly. Can't thank you enough for the time and the drawing! Was so great to meet and talk with you 😁

All of the creators had great things to say on Klaus, and had an inspiring story about animating the boatman, Mogens.


β€œAs I was animating Mogens, something about him seemed very familiar. And then I was like, β€˜Oh! That’s my dad!’”


Just saw a screening of Klaus at CTNx hosted by the creators. I love this film more every time I see it.

"OK, I've set a timer called 'OK Google' for 23 hours 57 minutes, and 57 seconds for tomorrow at 8pm."
- Google Home just now.

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