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One of the greatest things about Mastodon.Art is our community! We're a community by and for artists.

Keep up with the community by following the local timeline. You can pin timelines, as many as you want, so that they appear every time you sign in.

Look for the Local Timeline in the "Getting Started Menu."

And as always, feel free to ask for help :) We're a friendly community here.

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If you're new here on Mastodon.Art, an introduction post and updating your profile are a good way to start.

Your intro post doesn't have to be anything specific, but you can tell people what you like, what you do, or why you're here. Common interests can help start conversations and let people know why to follow you.

If you have any questions, we have a great owner and team here: @Curator, @ChrisTalleras, @emergencybattle, @adamk678 and myself.

Welcome to the community 😄 :mastohi:

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I have to admit that I often forget about this feature of Mastodon myself, but it can be very helpful to the visually impaired to add a description to the image you post to Mastodon.

We like to try to include everyone here. I'm going to try to be better about remembering this. :)

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So excited that we were finally able to share the Mastodon Artist with y'all today. I had a ton of fun making him. :) It was an honor, and I was very happy to make our place a little more unique. I have to admit, I put a little of myself into the design, although this character is meant to be androgynous and represent us all :)

Hey, I'm drafting up a Commissions Sheet, is there anything that would be helpful to throw onto it??

I'm making a collab calendar with my boyfriend every year and these are two previews of my pieces for the 2020 calendar :)

Flashback to one of my favorite pieces I've ever done, a commission for someone over on Flight Rising! I'm not as active as I used to be there, but I still love it 😊 And skydancers are my absolute favorite!!

These guys are so excited to be jetting off to their new home! If you want an early notification about upcoming listings, subscribe to my transmissions!

#astronaut #triceratops #ceramic #gold #whitegold #mastoart

@ScribbleAddict Oh, dear. This is going to keep me awake.
Clicking Jaws, Dead Poet's Building Society, Man of Steel Wool, To Sir with Love Handles.

My computer has been giving me sudden heart-attacks by randomly going *pop* and completely shutting off. It comes out of nowhere. I think it may have been my power strip, I hope. But it's left me scared to do anything.

~Winds 02~
🔅‘The hot dusty wind that blows from the desert sands and canyons’🔅

Artist new to Mastodon, shyly: "What if I... posted an ?"
Fediverse: *looks on with anticipation*
Artist: "Ok here we go" *posts a picture*
Fediverse: *soft clapping*
Artist: "Should I post more about them?"
Fediverse: *bursts into thunderous applause and cheering*

Oh yeah!!! I...actually almost forgot jHLKJGFHSDF

I made a patreon!! I'm still wiggling around trying to figure out what I want it to be and do, but for now if you like what I do and want to support me, this would be a great way to do it!

If you have suggestions for what you'd like from me in a patreon please by all means let me know!! I'm happy to get feedback :>


You can now follow remote profiles on Pixelfed instances that have enabled the feature.

1. Search the full url (ie:

2. Click the follow button on the results page

3. You will start seeing posts from that account on your home timeline


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