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If you're new here on Mastodon.Art, an introduction post and updating your profile are a good way to start.

Your intro post doesn't have to be anything specific, but you can tell people what you like, what you do, or why you're here. Common interests can help start conversations and let people know why to follow you.

If you have any questions, we have a great owner and team here: @Curator, @ChrisTalleras, @emergencybattle, @adamk678 and myself.

Welcome to the community 😄 :mastohi:

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Today is the official launch of my Patreon! Check it out and tell me what you think. I'm excited to share more art with anyone who is interested in supporting.

I also don't want anyone to feel obligated. I'll continue my presence online elsewhere. :)

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I have to admit that I often forget about this feature of Mastodon myself, but it can be very helpful to the visually impaired to add a description to the image you post to Mastodon.

We like to try to include everyone here. I'm going to try to be better about remembering this. :)

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So excited that we were finally able to share the Mastodon Artist with y'all today. I had a ton of fun making him. :) It was an honor, and I was very happy to make our place a little more unique. I have to admit, I put a little of myself into the design, although this character is meant to be androgynous and represent us all :)

Happy Tuesday my lovely :mastoart:•ARTists! :bear_hugs:

I know a lot of us have or had DeviantART accounts, and I was curious if y'all would like a few of the old DA emoticons to use here on :mastoart:•ART.

Look in the replies to this toot for a post by @Rheall with examples of the emoticons I can add. :make_like_edmonia:

I'll keep the poll open for a while to give people time to chime in.

Keep being awesome everyone!

The pup and his miniature likeness (in convenient enamel pin and paper forms). makes dreams come true.

Hey are there any graphic novel-specific creative retreats out there?

I can only find general art or writing retreats, and graphic novel scripts don't fit those spaces

‪Here are some close ups so you can see the amazing detail on the goat better. Also a shot of the class with my co-leader and me. 😆‬

‪My students like to call me the GOAT, so today at their graduation, they surprised me with a sculpture that one of them (Jake) made of me as a goat lol. It's amazing detail and artistry. So thankful, and very proud of these guys 😄👏🎉 ‬

Progress! We’re going to get some paint and keep working on these at home — or, if MY plan prevails, sneak into the next painting night and finish them, pretending that we’re art prodigies.

art trade with my bud SyNoon feat. his piñata girl Rita!

this is valentin, a butterfly koi mer

he's a kind Old Man and a well-respected community leader in a koi-only lagoon. he has a son, cecil, but he hasn't seen the kid in years after cecil eloped with an orca mer. his One Big Regret is pushing cecil away, but he has no idea where his son is or where to find him

Hey Masto, this is my ! I'm a trans dude & a photographer currently located in Savannah, GA. I go by Quinn to family, so some of my photos will be branded under Quinn Wilson. (I'm closeted, not out yet to them.)

I've included some samples of my photography. Give me a follow if you like what you see? c:

sometimes you gotta do some weird shit to get out of an art block such as drawing the cartoon versions of characters over their live action versions

Drawing from life (cropped so it's not to spicy for the internets)
Charcoal and pastel pencils, toned paper

It's MY BIRTHDAY! Link can't believe all these balloons he's seeing.

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