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I have to admit that I often forget about this feature of Mastodon myself, but it can be very helpful to the visually impaired to add a description to the image you post to Mastodon.

We like to try to include everyone here. I'm going to try to be better about remembering this. :)

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So excited that we were finally able to share the Mastodon Artist with y'all today. I had a ton of fun making him. :) It was an honor, and I was very happy to make our place a little more unique. I have to admit, I put a little of myself into the design, although this character is meant to be androgynous and represent us all :)

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Welcome to Mastodon.Art new friends! Glad to see y'all here :) If you have any questions, I'm here to help. I'm a mod and have been here a little while. I have some helpful toots further down on my page as well.

@Curator is also another great resource. As the owner of our space, he cares a ton and puts in lots of work to make this a nice place for everyone check out his toots for help. He's also quick to respond to questions. :)

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Hello friends! I'm a storyboard artist and illustrator who loves community and talking about animation. Let's be friends and help each other along on this crazy art journey :)

You can support me here:

I'm @ScribbleAddict everywhere.

I promised more today, so here's another one:


This is my arrangement of Terra's Theme. It kind of morphs from Terra's Theme into me playing with the melody and then back again.

Unedited, so please excuse any blunders =P

And now the hiccups seem to be gone all of a sudden, but I'm still curious to hear different remedies for future reference.

Man I keep getting hiccups today. What are some remedies you guys know?

My wife, @courtney, just got this ornament for us and it's my new favorite thing! The Sword In The Stone is my favorite movie ever. Courtney's the best XD

If you ever doubt the usefulness of your efforts, remember that a substantial amount of trees are planted by squirrels hiding nuts and then forgetting where they put 'em

i quit smoking about a year and a half ago, but i still crave them

Some early concept art I did for the Wrinkle in Time film.

Looking forward to the new episodes! I have the feeling that this show will totally be my jam.
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Hello, Art World! Can you help me?
I've got the thumbnails for a 5 page about Frank that I would like some people to test-read.
It's just thumbnails, and just legible enough for others to read (hopefully).
If you're interested, DM me and I'll DM you back with a 3,5MB pdf, and my questions for you :D
(Oh and forgot to mention, it's kinda lewd but not nsfw)

lays on the floor, wheezing, dying, LOSING my mind--

my sister agreed to an art trade with me awhile back and finally got a chance to do her half and wwhwhHOOHOHG ITS SO GOOD??? LOOK AT THIS!!!! MY BOY!!! MY BABY!!!

Art by my FANTASTIC sister:

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