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Christopher Birnbaum :mastohi:

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I have to admit that I often forget about this feature of Mastodon myself, but it can be very helpful to the visually impaired to add a description to the image you post to Mastodon.

We like to try to include everyone here. I'm going to try to be better about remembering this. :)

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Welcome to Mastodon.Art new friends! Glad to see y'all here :) If you have any questions, I'm here to help. I'm a mod and have been here a little while. I have some helpful toots further down on my page as well.

@Curator is also another great resource. As the owner of our space, he cares a ton and puts in lots of work to make this a nice place for everyone check out his toots for help. He's also quick to respond to questions. :)

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Another helpful thing for new members to Mastodon: On the right side of the page you'll see a "Getting Started" list. If you click on "About This Instance" you can see our rules and code of conduct.

You will also find info about how many members we have, and other helpful tips. :)

Again, feel free to toot questions at me as well.

And @EmergencyBattle is another helpful and kind person, who is a mod here as well.

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To all the new members here at Mastodon.Art, one of the great things about our instance is our gallery, which your work is automatically added to when you use .

Check it out for inspiration!

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Hello friends! I'm a storyboard artist and illustrator who loves community and talking about animation. Let's be friends and help each other along on this crazy art journey :)

You can support me here:

I'm @ScribbleAddict everywhere.

I don't usually post food pics because it can be gross or upsetting for some people, but that calzone I had for lunch almost made me do it. It was awesome. XD

Designing a new logo for mahself! Here's the current iterations.

This set of walls, flooring, and throne are the result of three days of printing and three days of painting. Got to try it out for the big battle in the Temple of Air for Princes of the Apocalypse. #DnD #dnd5e

At my church, the middle school kids lead a preschool Vacation Bible School. These kids are so good, that they thought they weren't allowed to have snack (10-13 year olds), and were content to watch the 5 years old and younger kids eat the cookies, until we told them the snack was for them too. I've never seen such amazing kids.

@Mirima That's great! Yeah, I try to stay in touch with why I love art. If it becomes work and I put a ton of pressure on myself to perform, I can get burned out really easily. I tend to feel like I'm not good enough. So I have to keep it fun and do it because I love it, and not because I'm trying to meet some unfair/impossible standard.

also a doodle i did today of my friend chiba's oc achmetha!! hes a demon and i love him so much

I've been thinking a lot about child characters lately, since @courtney and I both have cartoon series we're working on. I also work with a lot of kids so here's this girl 😆

The majority of y/our server’s cost spreading your art here is funded via & since [Liberapay offers no solution in the near/short/long term while they work out not being able to accept payments] we’re left with Patreon & - please switch your recurring donations back or alter your payments. Your support of y/our home here on • 🎨 is appreciated. Thank you.

Walk through the wood.
I hate drawing trees, why am I drawing trees?

Made with , colour correction in .

Redesigning old OCs for fun and profit.

Gentle reminder that nobody is obligated to boost a post. Not @Curator, not others mods, not your followers.

There is no automatic like/boosts spambots here. Every boost is a human being actually taking time to see your work/content, and finding it worthy to share and show others. These interactions no matter how tiny are what makes and fediverse as whole a community, so lets appreciate them for what they are and not take them for granted.


The early part of my Saturday was spent teaching arts at the library. Terrific crowds of diverse people, and some opportunities for shenanigans like this.

hmmm practicing a new style.... (using one of my gf's characters)

The main group of objects are now defined, it is time to start producing it.

Please direct your friends to or another instance of your choice like, or, etc. is "default" choice for a lot of people and it's getting kinda hammered right now.