Getting excited for this week's episode... we get to talk about The Thin Man!

Also, the number of gifs of William Powell and Myrna Loy kissing in this movie is much higher than I would have thought and I've seen the movie.

@fitheach Lemme tell you, you're going to be 99% OK with this episode, because we loved 99% of it. (And our only criticism is, I think, totally valid, and not just us having weird pet peeves.)

@fitheach There is nothing on earth that could convince me to criticize Asta, the most perfect dog that ever lived.

@Alisca Easily the second best movie we've had to watch thus far, no question. (It Happened One Night being number one, imo.)

Oh good, I love that film *_*
And I ignore the sequels 🙃

@pollomostro Are they no good? I just assumed with Asta and the human stars they had to be good.

Oh no, some of them are good, some of them are formulaic but "not bad".
I can't put it into words clearly but the dynamic between Nick and Nora changed and Nora becomes "just Nick's wife"?
And the restrictions of the censoring code (I don't remember its name, sorry) are quite annoying, the sequels are more dispassionate.

@pollomostro Ahhhh, yes, the curse of the Hays Code. The original was the only one made before the code started to really be enforced, and changing the dynamic between them sadly falls in line with it, though I feel like the seeds were planted for that even in the back half of the original.

On the upcoming episode about Cleopatra, we talk a lot about how Cecil B. DeMille took full advantage of 1934, knowing that the studios would be subject to increased code enforcement the next year.

@ScreenTestofTime Such a wonderful, classic, funny movie. And those dresses! 😍

@deirdrespencer Nora Charles is unbelievably stylish. I wish I had reason to dress that well all the time! (Also, you know, the $$$, LOL!)

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