<<Naomi Parker aka Rosie the Riveter passed away January 20th of 2018. She inspired so many young women with her iconic poster. She was 96. I haven't seen a lot of press on this and sadly I only just now learned of this. I wanted to take the time to honor her.>>

1993: On the Internet, nobody knows you're a dog

2018: The Internet is run by five mega corporations and not only do they ALL know you're a dog, they also know your preferred brand of kibble, your recent interest in flea powder and whether you've been spayed or neutered.

Some chirruns.
Main characters for a comic I've had bouncing around in my head for a long while that I'm finally buckling down to make.

I haven't posted any art here in a week, so here's something old that I also use as my header.
"Seinfeld VS Ninjas of Mortal Kombat and Venom" which is based on a real, actual dream I had back in 2015.
That Elaine sprite was a pain in the ass to make.

any yu yu hakusho fans out there? man, those saucy, trashy boys, am i right
(re: kurama image, apparently his original manga design was black hair/blue uniform and i kinda dig it ngl)

I've suddenly switched gears from practicing digital painting to practicing perspective, which I find much more engaging and rewarding, but which results in far fewer pieces of art worth posting to social media.

Just cubes mostly. Cubes and ellipses.

Whenever I want to look up the price for something I just yell out its name and wait for an ad to show up on Instagram or Facebook

Son of the Mask 

Son of the Mask is an absolute crime of a film.

Film Exec 1: who should we cast to replicate the charm, charisma, physicality, slapstick and vocal range of Jim Carrey?
Film Exec 2: How about the guy from Malibu's Most Wanted?"
Film Exec 1: Brilliant!

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