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sooo, just a fast sign of life of mine :D this was my super cozy sleeping place the last days and I had super interesting experience with human interactions. unfortunately i did not find the time to paint at all.. but dont worry, I'll be back to creative life soon :) ❤️

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ok so sorry for spaming but I will be without internet the next days so I'll post at least the 43 today 😅

this is how my selling looks like uncut and just scanned 😉

So happy that I finally got to make this mad thing!

This is all of The Firelight Isle volume 1 in scroll-form, with over 25m of seamlessly printed continuous fabric, and hand-made wooden handles!


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"falling" (<-- yes I agree, pretty fancy name for that painting 😅 )

still, like always and actually just a first try with a new brush I have here I made the parachute with :)

and ofc not to forget my beloved & colours
but stil not able to draw humans 🙈
bonne nuit 🌌

Took some photos of textures this morning while walking the dog and turned it into an animation: City against Trees !

#krita #mastoart #art #kritaanimation #animation #gif

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And may I introduce you to Leopold 💓 ,a little ,young and shy who lives on a planet close to the he's pretty lonely though thankful and in a general happy mood 💓 maybe he will be self confident enough soon to visit earth 🌍 🎇 and you might meet him some day 😊 🌌

I used again the colour, this time silver and some gold splashes :splat:

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"Hidden letters"

Sooo I'm back, it has been quite emotional hard days for me, I was not able to be creative nor even online.
And I will start to catch up the days with this little piece I drawed a week ago. Not proud of the but it was fun to mix with the again :)

and we have an improved beetle! the other one was a pretty big failure in brush experimentation :)

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